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FORECAST FOR December - sign by sign

As 2016 draws to a close it’s all about each sign finding their own personal North Star. Your star is of course your ruler Mars who begins December in your house of friends, contacts and goals. That big goal and the people who could help you get there or at least provide you with support along the way are all part of the journey for you. Do you have a plan to reach that North Star? Do you know where or what it is? The start of December points you in the right direction but it’s important that you don’t allow insecurities or fears to get in your way as the Sun in your 9th squares Neptune and Venus in your achievement sector squares Eris in your 1st. Mars however reminds you that you have those goals for a reason and could just put you in the path of a future dream-maker as he trines Jupiter in your 7th. Mercury also enters your achievement sector on the 2nd giving you the ability to get your ideas across and present yourself in the best possible light. Ensure you look and act like someone at the top of your game now. Look it, work it, believe it about yourself – that you are the real deal. You could be seeking a partner that is part of your soul path journey now. One who can travel with you and even expand this. Juno in your 9th squares Neptune in your 12th and if you feel your relationship restricts you on any level, just take care as the Sun meets Saturn in your 9th that you don’t attempt to break chains that actually don’t exist anywhere but in your own mind. If you feel restricted it is important to check whether the restrictions are an actual person or situation or just in your own mind or your own fear of actually getting what you want! As the Sun and Saturn meet on the 10th both of them make fabulous angles to both Uranus and Jupiter promising surprises and unexpected developments in your personal life. By mid-month Mars has reached Pallas in your 11th. The Warrior God meets the Strategy Goddess. This all relates to your having a plan to get to that goal. Mars provides you with the determination to reach it while Pallas has the strategy to get you there. Thing is, with these two meeting you don’t have to have the entire plan in place. You take the next logical step towards it. When you have done that the next step reveals itself – and so on. If you can see quite clearly what that step is, take it now. The day Mars meets Pallas coincides with a full Supermoon in your 3rd of news, commerce and communication. News may just show you all too clearly what that next step is. You may have to hang on to that strategy and implement it if necessary as a Cardinal Grand Cross opens up on the 15th. This could have a far reaching effect as the Moon by now has moved into her ruling house and opposes Mercury and Pluto in your 10th. Uranus, Eris and Ceres all within orb in your 1st oppose Jupiter in your 7th. Meet any challenges now with calm determination and above all, professionalism. Now is the time to take action, to schedule that important meeting and to act with confidence – certainly before the 19th when Mars will lose some of his ‘Oomph’ when he enters your 12th and Mercury will head retrograde in your 10th.
For now however, get ready to be fired up as the 18th brings a soul-igniting Double Grand Fire Trine with that triple conjunction in your 1st, the Moon in your 5th and the Sun in your 9th (Trine #1), and Saturn and Juno conjunct also in your 9th (Trine #2). Couple this with a true North Star – a Pentagram stretching across the sky and featuring that conjunction between Mars and Pallas and plans could be realise, you could find yourself the centre of attention – either professionally or personally as with the Moon in your 5th this is not just date night but one sprinkled with romance and a touch of destiny! Have those plans ready or just be prepared to fling yourself into the flow of events that may be heading your way. They may just be taking you where you need to go.
There’s something in the air – a touch of unfinished business or else something you need to know or pay close attention to. You may have let it slip under the radar but now Mars is in your 12th and Mercury slides backwards it is going to make itself known. When it is revealed you will discover that you are now in a position to step up and deal decisively with it. This month is very much about being in the driver’s seat and steering your life in the direction you want it to go. You will be all too aware of the areas where you have let things slide in the past and no longer be willing to do this
as the Sun enters your 10th on the 21st focussing your attention on what the year has delivered for your efforts. What have you learned? What rewards have you received or through your actions manifested?
The 25th sees Saturn in your 9th trine Uranus in your and Jupiter in your 7th sextile Saturn. Venus also trines Jupiter in your 7th that day so many of you could see a partnership or relationship enter a more serious phase now. Others could have the gift of loved ones from overseas or at least feeling close to them. If you happen to be travelling this holiday season there may be unexpected meetings with people who have the potential to affect your path in the coming year.
Pallas is set to follow Mars into your 12th on the 28th and she provides you with a sense of grounding reality and practicality that is sometimes lost with planets transitting in this house. We can get caught up in the dream but have no clue as to what to do to make it come true. Or just be quite content to dream it rather than do it. Pallas is all about doing it and the 29th is a red letter day for thinking about what you want to achieve in the New Year as the Sun meets retro Mercury in your 10th as Uranus in your 1st heads direct again and a new Moon indicates a door opening for you that could lead to on-going recognition and achievement in 2017.
Your path for the New Year and the one which takes you to that North Star of goals, dreams and ambitions gets an extra dose of illumination and determination as Mars meets Neptune in your 12th on the final day of 2016. Your intuition should be showing you what needs to be done – and the path ahead to achieving this. That North Star shines on your soul path or purpose and all you have to do is follow it – if you dare.

Dig deep into personal drive and soul power as December ushers in changes that you can direct or surf like a wave that could set you on course for a self-directed 2017. Are you up for the challenge, Taurus?
For you the start of December can often put you in a position where you are either negotiating something or else having to let others know where the boundaries now. Others may not know and it may be up to you to show them as the month begins with a tight square between the Sun in your 8th and Neptune in your social and friends sector as well as a tense angle on the 4th between Juno also in your 8th and Neptune. With ruler Venus in your 9th square Eris in your 12th, don’t be surprised if this results in a shift in a friendship dynamic if someone steps over the line. The potential for unexpected revelations, endings, transformations and new beginnings to follow, as well as changes around shared money, your salary and income. This is due to a triple conjunction in your 12th between Uranus, Ceres and Eris and of course, the planets currently in your 8th house including Saturn. However, it is always important to keep sight of the fact that change can often be beneficial and at the end of the day – it’s only change.
Changes for the better around work and career are one of the holiday highlights that the season of good cheer could be about to deliver, however. Mars in your long term career sector makes a fabulous angle to Jupiter in your work zone on the 2nd. Thus, fusing your day job with your long term ambitions which could just see you taking a decisive step towards fulfilling both. This is where your negotiating skills could come in as you have to come from a place of personal power and worth if a package, contract or salary deal needs to be finalised just as Mercury heads out of your 8th and on into your 9th with the promise of delivering big news or even a travel experience. Doing business with people or companies overseas or in publishing or the mass media is also favoured now. Ruler Venus now enhances your professional image and reputation as she enters your 10th on the 8th.
Upgrade your work look if necessary as people in positions of influence and who have hire or ‘yes’ capabilities are going to be watching. Looking the part is just as important as knowing your stuff now.
Saturn, the planet who rules your 10th is involved in some major planetary activity on the 10th as the Sun joins him and both make a surprise angle that works in your favour to Uranus and a work opportunity one to Jupiter at the same time. You now have everything you need to reach those work and career goals and the time to act is now as the middle of the month sees a powerful conjunction in your 10th.
Mars the Warrior God meets Pallas the Goddess of Strategy in your 10th while a full Supermoon illuminates your money house. You may be seeing negotiations, a business deal, presentation or interview process enter it’s final phase and you may have to step up and meet the challenge of competition and self-assurance to meet it. Harness the soul surety that resides within you, don’t listen to doubts – or anyone that tells you that you are not capable for that matter, and push forward towards that goal. Pallas in conjunction with that Mars should have revealed the process or steps you need to take to achieve this now. Hang on to this as the Cardinal Grand Cross of the 15th could appear to throw an obstacle up in your path. Remain focussed on the outcome you’re seeking and don’t be diverted from that by doubts – or external doubters! Push through barriers and break free of chains. Yes, change can be confronting but without it things cannot improve. There is a Double Grand Fire Trine on the 18th hitting your home, change and soul path sectors but also a true North Star in the form of a Pentagram stretched across the sky. This channels your focus into your long term ambitions and what you need to truly sustain you. No matter what arises in your path, remain focussed on that as a true career breakthrough could now be within reach. Above all, if you possibly can, try to bring things to a conclusion now and as Mercury heads retrograde in your 9th from the 19th, this is now not the time to push forward with anything new but to concentrate on what is already in motion. As usual, the Retrograde Rules apply here and if you are travelling especially long distance, over the holiday period you need to factor in snafus, delays and general chaos so please allow more time to get to your destination. Mars has now arrived in your 11th and is most probably infusing you with a desire for some festive spirit after all this work-and-soul-path focus. Time perhaps to kick up your heels and you will be in a mood to be the one who gets the party started now. Mars in here can make you a little reckless so please don’t over-indulge or take any risks when out socialising. By all means enjoy yourself but also keep an eye open for people who become angry or aggressive when they over-indulge. If this happens with Mars in this house you are advised to leave otherwise arguments and confrontations can ensue. Make this the season of good cheer by knowing when to call it a night!  The 21st sees the Sun enter your expansive 9th again focussing on travel but also turning your thoughts towards broadening your horizons in 2017. How do you intend to accomplish this? Even if you are not travelling now, the Sun in here along with Mercury retrograde adds up to a good time to start planning that trip or where that North Star wants to lead you in the coming year. You may see profound shifts ahead for you or where changes need to be made in the New Year as early as Christmas Day when Saturn in your 8th trines Uranus in your 12th and Jupiter in your 6th also makes a fabulous angle to him. Some of you could be sharing a success story with loved ones over that festive meal as ruler Venus still in your 10th is making a truly status-enhancing move to Jupiter also. Revelations about your next move or what has been holding you back – especially in the karmic or family dynamic as Uranus is about to shift to direct motion before the year’s end. Is it time to live your life in your own way and on your own terms free from family stories of how it should be?
Being more choosing and knowing you have choices could be early themes emerging for the New Year around the 28th which sees Pallas in your 11th. She asks you to focus strategically on your most important goals and ditch those which don’t ignite your imagination now. She is also asking you to look closely at your friends and realise your time especially your leisure time is too valuable to squander on those people who are not there for you when you need them, energy vampires and those with whom you feel you no longer share the same outlook on life. Enjoy your New Year celebrations with those who share your outlook on life and with whom you resonate thanks to a meeting between Mars and Neptune in your 11th on New Year’s Eve.
The direction the New Year is going to take may be revealed to you two days beforehand as the day the Sun meets Mercury retrograde in your 9th is also the day the new Moon appears in here. From out of something you have already started or which is already in motion for you comes a bright, bold and early start to 2017. Be prepared to jump right in and follow where that North Star is going to guide you.

Be prepared for everything in your life to be happening in front of an audience or to take you into the outer world in some way this December. The houses in the upper hemisphere of your chart from the 7th upwards are all in focus so you will be very much ‘out there’ on some level. Public and social rather than private time may be the order of the day and as December begins we have the Sun still in our partnership house and Jupiter sitting in your 5th of romance, fun, pleasure and getting yourself noticed! It’s not about you getting ready to get the party started – you ARE the party this month! Your North Star that you are navigating by is your star of fun, passion and attraction this December.
This does not mean there is not some serious stuff requiring your attention especially as your ruler Mercury will enter your 8th of personal power, transformation and endings at the start of the month. Collaborative ventures, business and also certain connections may demand your focus at the beginning of the month as the Sun squares Neptune in your 10th and Venus squares Eris in your 11th. You may need to act decisively and with confidence at this point either with someone you know or with a work matter. Above all, do not let anyone ‘get away’’ with something or tell yourself it does not matter when clearly it does. The 2nd sees a fabulous aspect between Mars in your 9th and Jupiter in your 5th inspiring you to new heights and sending your confidence soaring. This could be an excellent day to get yourself noticed and to bring you benefits from travel or from dealing with people overseas. You will be in a mood to try new things and stretch yourself. Adventure could come calling for some of you and romance is a distinct possibility – as Venus enters your 9th on the 8th of this month. She gets a boost from destiny as the 10th sees the Sun meets Saturn in your 7th and both trine Uranus in his ruling house – your 11th. Surprises around love are possible and if you are in a relationship this Sun/Saturn meeting could deepen your commitment. It will also illuminate whether you are with the right person or not as will the Juno in your 7th, Neptune in your 10th square on the 4th. Juno is comfortable in your 7th as she rules marriage and traditional unions of all descriptions. She is not interested in the ephemeral or in time-wasters. She wants the real deal and sticks out for that. Neptune in your 10th can work for you if you listen closely to your intuition which is vastly different to the wishful thinking of your imagination. Do you know the difference?
The Sun/Saturn meeting of the 10th also makes a fabulous angle to Jupiter in your romance zone making this your last and very star-studded date of 2016 for love and attracting that special someone. Others could find themselves the focus of another kind of attention as in receiving attention and recognition for what they do. Long term associations can also be formed of the non-romantic kind but these may also turn out to be lasting and have the capacity to help you in some way. The people you meet even when you are just out enjoying yourself may prove to have a hug influence on you during the coming year – and beyond. And they may just be your crew that accompany you on your North Star journey.
This month’s full Moon is in Gemini and is also a Supermoon and while it is not as large as the one that we saw in November, for you it may pack an even bigger punch as it appears in your 1st on the 14th. What do you want to do, experience or achieve? This day also sees Mars the Warrior planet meet with Pallas the Goddess of Strategy in your 9th. Whatever it is you want to achieve, experience or attain, or wherever it is you want to get to, the combination of these two plus that Supermoon should have you focussed not just on what this is, but how to get there. Establishing your priorities – not just for the festive season but for the coming year, will be important and you will be determining what these are now.
This re-evaluation around what is important to you may result in some shedding or even some goodbyes as a Cardinal Grand Cross sees your ruler Mercury now conjunct Pluto in his ruling house in your chart and opposing the Moon in your values and self-worth sector. Jupiter in your 5th opposes the Uranus/Eris/Ceres conjunction in your 11th and it is all about showing others and the world at large, what your values are, the value you put on yourself and what you stand for (and what you won’t). Taking a stand on some level may be what this Grand Cross invokes.
Things lighten up a few days later as the fires of passion re-ignite for you thanks to a Double Grand Fire trine searing across your 11th, 7th and 3rd houses with perhaps emotionally uplifting news. This day is also the day where our true North Star appears showing us what to aim for as Pentagram forms. That emotionally uplifting news could well be linked to the direction you are being told to head in now. Steer by what this Star reveals for you.
Mars is now on the move and arrives in your 10th from the 19th – the same day as Mercury turns retrograde in your 8th. The usual retro Rules apply this festive season which you of all signs should be all too familiar with. As the 8th is personal power, shared resources, your salary and benefits and your 10th is your career and rewards don’t be surprised if a money or career matter either reaches a conclusion or something you thought was over with or lost in this area, returns. The focus in now very much on transformations as the Sun arrives in your 8th from the 21st. Those of you heading home to family and perhaps the all-too-familiar family dynamic of asking you when you are getting married/finding that career niche/settling down or being more like you sibling/in-law/cousin/family friend may discover that their buttons are harder to push now and in fact they can observe these with amusement. Christmas may well be a romantic time for you this year with beautiful aspects between Jupiter, Saturn and Venus occurring on Christmas Day. Even if you are not spending it with a partner or lover, Jupiter in your 5th promises good times and good company which may continue all the way into Boxing Day when Uranus in his ruling house opposes Jupiter. That turkey curry Boxing Day ritual may turn out to be more interesting that you imagine whether you are Bridget Jones or not.
Enjoy yourself over the holidays and make the most of the good times. It’s not that they won’t continue but as soon as Christmas is over you’ll quickly find your mind turning back to those rising ambitions that are propelling you fast-forward into 2017. Pallas now enters your 10th on the 28th and the 29th sees the Sun meet retro Mercury in your 8th as well as a new Moon in here indicating that a powerful change is about to sweep you up and deposit you somewhere new at the start of the New Year. If you have left a career project in abeyance or have been previously engaged in seeking a new position but let things slide recently, the period between Christmas and the New Year could see you revising or revisiting your past efforts and taking steps to revive them if necessary. Uranus direct in your 11th on the 29th and the new Moon in your 8th this same day could infuse those career goals with a new dynamic as you begin to see other ways to achieve what you are after.
Continue to think about this as Mars meets Neptune in your 10th on New Year’s Eve. It’s all about action meeting spirituality. Or if you like, inspired action when it comes to your career or personal achievements. If you have found yourself the centre of attention for whatever it is you do this month, expect more of this in the upcoming year as you consider not just new options, but new paths too. Watch as they begin to reveal themselves to you this December – lit up by your own personal North Star.

Of all signs, the holiday period always brings up togetherness and partnership themes due to the Sun – usually accompanied by other planets, in your 7th house. Venus the ruler of this house begins December in here but she is squaring Eris in your 10th. Have you begun to feel love is for everyone else but not you? Are you cry-singing to Christmas songs? I do hope not. This holiday season could revive the magic and belief in love that you may have lost or re-kindle it for those who are already coupled up.
Work and wellbeing, as well as your career, continue to be your other focus and you may feel somewhat restricted by work demands during the run up to the holidays due to the Sun and also Juno in your 6th squaring Neptune in your 9th. However, you also have the Sun and Saturn meeting in your 6th and trineing Uranus in Saturn’s ruling house in your chart. This Sun/Saturn meeting also sextiles Jupiter in your 4th indicating long term benefits waiting to be claimed! You may find yourself trying to madly juggle what you have to do with what you want to do. But the flip side to this is opportunities for advancement which may be too good to pass up! Yes, this may require you shuffling your priorities around or changing plans at short notice as you scramble to meet deadlines or presentations. No matter what the temptation (or the frustration), do try to keep your focus. This is a time where you can take some late year but decisive steps on the work front. The trick is to keep your focus on where you are and what you are doing at that moment. So, if you are at work, stay focussed on that and then when you leave work, do not let it intrude on your personal life or down-time. This will cut down on any feelings of being pulled in two (or even several!) directions.
I’ve been telling everyone we will all have a North Star to follow this month that will lead us on the path we were destined to explore in 2017. We’re now delving into areas of your chart which are all about empowerment, soul determination and a little bit of mystery revealed to you by that North Star! Mars in his ancient ruling house in your chart (8th) has also made a determined angle to Jupiter in your home sector putting you every much in the driver’s seat when it comes to financial or business negotiations or even relationship ones! Venus also enters your 8th from the 8th while the day of the 14th sees the Warrior God meet the Goddess of Strategy in your 8th – Pallas. You know what you want and better yet – you have a solid plan to get it. To say you are a force to be reckoned with now may be an understatement and woe betide the person who tries to pull the wool over your eyes as the full Supermoon appears in your 12th also on the 14th. Expect a major shift, ending or transformation but this one may be very much on your terms.
Stay the course especially if you are involved in any long term plans, negotiations, contracts, settlements, payouts, purchases or even negotiating the terms of a relationship – in fact anything that impacts on you in the long term as the Moon moves into your 1st on the 15th triggering a Cardinal Grand Cross. Remember, whether you realise it or not, you are in a strong position and you need to tap into your soul power. The results could be there for all to see especially with regards to your work, career and how you wish to express your talents and purpose as the 18th brings us a Double Grand Fire Trine coupled with that North Star I have been telling you about – a Pentagram stretching across the sky and encompassing that Mars/Pallas conjunction as well as the Uranus/Eris/Ceres conjunction in your house of recognition and rewards. Your beliefs about success could be the determining outcome now as well as the actions you take on your own behalf. The result – freedom as Mars enters your sector of expansion and bigger experiences from the 19th.
Mercury has been in your house of partnerships and long term relationships since the start of December opening up channels of communication between you and those closest to you and aiding in business partnerships and collaborative ventures. Mercury in here gives you plenty of ideas to share and sparks joint ideas. However, he heads retrograde in here from the 19th (same day as Mars enters your 9th). All the usual Retrograde Rules apply here so hopefully you have tied up all the loose ends and finalised deals, signed important papers etc before this begins. But Mercury retrograde in here can often bring back a former partner or close friend and also bring up issues in your relationship from the past that you may have avoided dealing with. As Mercury is retrograde as the Sun enters here from the 21st it is not a good period in which to begin a new relationship unless you already know the person or you have been involved with some in some way, shape or form before. It can be a close friendship which now evolves on into something else and pay close attention to what occurs or resurfaces between you and someone else around the 29th when the Sun and retrograde Mercury meet. It could be the way to start on a new footing or to clear the air before the New Year as this day sees the new Moon in here and a new phase of relating as well as Uranus heading to forward motion in your career sector.
The holiday period itself could see you looking at what you have managed to achieve in the run-up to it and with even a possible success story to share as Saturn makes an exact angle to Uranus, Venus one to Jupiter and Jupiter one in return to Saturn. The way ahead into 2017 should now be lit by that North Star for you.
The last days of 2016 could put you in a mood to be a little bit daring – within reason and also may see you making plans for where and what you want to experience in 2017. Pallas follows Mars into your 9th on the 28th while Mars himself meets Neptune. You could be off on a journey of spiritual exploration as a result and expanding your consciousness as you do so. Get ready for a journey – you have a star to guide you this December.

Don’t judge a book by its cover and don’t judge December by what happens in the first few days, Leo. With ruler the Sun in your fabulous 5th the Christmas party season should have started early for you. You’re feeling generous, expansive, creative and in a mood to shine and be noticed. However, the start of the month sees three tight squares which may temporarily kill the party mood as the Sun and then Juno squares Neptune in your 8th and Venus in your 6th squares off the ultimate party-pooping gal Eris in your 9th. If you recall, Eris was not invited to a wedding party. Totally miffed at this apparent snub she turns up and throws a golden apple into the gaggle of guests marked ‘For the fairest’ – triggering the Trojan War in the process. Golden apples and pearls before swine aside – and I don’t recommend scattering either, something may bring you down to earth with a bump and demand your attention. Temporarily putting the party spirit on hold. This really will be temporary however. Mars in your 7th may not be the best placement but he trines Jupiter in your 3rd the same day as Mercury enters his ruling house in your chart. This favours any kind of collaborative venture or if you have a business partner, the two of you will represent a formidable team especially when Mars planet of action and determination, meets Pallas the goddess of strategy on the 14th. You could be looking at some kind of success and news that arrives could now put a different spin on the month.
This continues as Venus now enters your 7th which is her ruling house from the 8th and if you are seeking someone to meet under the mistletoe this holiday, fate may now give you a helping hand as the 10th sees the Sun and Saturn meet in your 5th trine Uranus and sextile Jupiter. Big breakthroughs, unexpected meetings, fabulous journeys, news you were hoping for, stepping into the spotlight – or just being the life and soul of the party as a full Supermoon waxes in your 11th the same day as Mars meets Pallas in your 7th. Projects could come to fruition, you could showcase your smarts to a big audience or else know instantly someone or something is right – or not as your strategic and assessment skills are peerless right now. Stay with what your intuition is telling you no matter what situation you find yourself in mid-month as the Moon enters your 12th triggering a Cardinal Grand Cross. Work may again require you to channel your resources into it but this time you can see the end – or the results, are within reach.
Within days of this you could find yourself in a very different position as the Moon now enters your sign and brings with her a Double Grand Fire Trine and what I am calling everyone’s North Star aspect they can follow into 2017 which is a fabulous Pentagram. This for you is all about following your passion, what you love – or who you love, into a new cycle of learning, experience and freedom. This could involve trying something new and leaving your comfort zone to have what you have only dreamed of. Don’t let fear hold you back as Mars revs into his ancient ruling house – 8th, from the 19th but if you have recently started seeing someone, expect this to make things very hot indeed in the passion department. Baby it may be cold outside but there’s a fire burning inside!
The Retrograde Rules apply double for you now as Mercury retrogrades in his ruling house from the 19th. Back up all essential data, revise, re-read and double check all work related documents and communications and unless you can possibly help it – as in it breaks down or goes ka-put – don’t buy any new technology or a car if you can avoid it. It is time as your ruler arrives in here on the 21st to pay attention to wellbeing matters and re-instate healthy eating or fitness regimens if you have let them lapse. Yes, I know this is not the best time of year to think about this and I don’t expect you to start until after the holiday period is over, but in fact Mercury retro in this house in your chart gives you the edge when it comes to kick starting and then sticking to those New Year’s resolutions.
You are in a highly appreciative mood when it comes to the Christmas period itself and you’ll discover gratitude for what you do have just adds to the enjoyment as Saturn in your 5th and Venus in your 7th could just deliver something that lives on in your heart long after the holidays are over. That warmth in your heart could be the most lasting gift of all as you take if forward into 2017 with you. The holidays this year may be unusual in some way with you celebrating somewhere different, with different people or doing something different – or just being the recipient of a surprise or two!
Pallas follows Mars into your 8th on the 28th and Mars is about to meet Neptune in here on the final day of the year. You could see what you want to or need to change as the year does and if you stay connected to your intuitive wisdom, you may discover these changes will be easier than you think.
The final days of 2016 also see Uranus heading direct in your 9th and a new Moon appearing in your 6th. You may now be looking at starting a fitness or exercise program or else eyeing off what changes you may need to make to your everyday working life. Remember when it comes to the latter to wait until Mercury has gone direct again in the New Year. The Sun and retrograde Mercury conjunction also on the 29th shows you what you need to gather up from your past and take forward with you into the future and what needs to remain behind you now.

You’ve one eye on the future and the other on the past as 2016 winds down, Virgo. I know this may be true for many of us as one year ends and a new one approaches, but for you this may be more pronounced than for other signs. Part of this will be due to your ruler Mercury who will head retrograde in your 5th on the 19th. The past is likely to be relevant once more and this can involve past lovers, past creative projects, past passions you used to love to pursue but have let lapse and even past places especially if they are connected to children or even your own childhood. What, where and who did you used to love and what of that still remains in your life? Does something need to be recaptured or resurrected? Yes, I know all this sounds very deep but there is buried treasure to be rediscovered with a little prospecting of the past.
Ready to get digging? Three excavating squares in the first week in December have you focussed on what is truly important to you and what is just insubstantial or window-dressing as the Sun in your house of emotional safety and security squares Neptune in your partnership sector, Venus in your passion, romance and enjoyment area squares Eris in your house of change and Juno also in your 4th squares Neptune. What do you need in order to feel loved and not just that – emotionally nurtured and accepted for who you are? Jupiter in your area of values and money trines Mars in your work area and this may bring you actual material rewards for being prepared to get the job done. You’re prepared to do whatever it takes not just to ensure your material success but also to build and cement something for the future that you can fall back on. Both financially and emotionally.
Venus in your 6th enhances cooperation with your co-workers and can have employers or even prospective ones, looking at you in a positive light. Mercury in your 5th from the 2nd grounds those ideas in reality and sets your creativity alight with the ability to impress others. With Mars planet of action and determination meeting Pallas the Goddess of Strategy in your work sector on the 14th and the big Sun/Saturn conjunction in your 4th which creates highly powerful and beneficial angles with Uranus and Jupiter and a full Supermoon in your 10th – Saturn’s ruling house in your chart, work and career success could be yours and the momentum of this could carry you forward into 2017.
Mid-month however could not only see activity in these areas peak and come to a conclusion but see you looking at what needs to be resurrected, revisited and reclaimed in your life. Ruler Mercury bumps into Pluto in your 5th and a change or a transformation around your love life could be one outcome. You may also find your fears and insecurities surfacing now and please do not let these undermine the incredible progress you can make.

December gives you a super boost of confidence while also connecting you to those you consider to be your true family, all close bonds can benefit as you strive to nurture the important people in your life.
There are a few challenging energies which seem to be testing how far you have come and if you are really true to yourself. It kicks off with the Sun Square Neptune, are you trying so hard to reach the perfection that you forget to honour the wonder and magic around you now?
Eris the warrior Goddess is quite active this month and she is encouraging you to fight your corner, on top of that, someone else close to you may be more feisty than normal. The beauty of the challenges this month are that you are coming from a space of optimism and creativity, Mars the Planet of action is in a very jolly and confident place and can laugh off minor transgressions more that usual.
Mercury, the Planet of communication, drops into your space of home and family bringing with him the ability to sort things out. Not happy in your home? Had a few niggles with your loved ones? Mercury gives you a silver tongue to smooth things over. Expect a few sweet words of gratitude from others too.
The other big news is that Venus the Planet of love is also joining the party and entering your position of creativity, optimism, soulmates, lovers, joy and fun! Your love life is on high alert, and you are rocking your inner Goddess of love and banging your sensual drum. Not only that, but everyone is feeling your good vibes and wants to hang out with you.
There could be a conversation about commitment on the 10th as you’re ready to step into the next level and lay a few deep foundations. While the Full Supermoon opens you up to a desire for adventure. A sign or symbol of how to blossom and stretch that golden soul of yours is on the way!
The 15th can be tricky. Are you truly being honest, especially with those you love? Have you been avoiding talking about any changes you want to make? Have you or someone else been hiding something or not being true to yourself? All will be revealed, and it is up to you to handle it with integrity.
Having said that on the 18th, you are filled with confidence and energy and can move and shake and make things happen. Be a little careful not to say anything rash, yeah, you may be right, but there is a time and a place for everything.
Mars enters your place of taking care of yourself, service to others and generally giving your body and soul a spring clean. You are ready and energised to get fit and be in your body.
Mercury goes retrograde on 19th so make sure you have sorted any paperwork, dealt with any deadlines, etc. This is focused on your home and family so double check any important details in those areas.
Venus, your ruler, is trining Jupiter the Planet of expansion and good fortune on Xmas day which fills you with expansive love, Bon Vivre and a sense of wonder.  The New Moon on the 29th is inspiring you to let go of the past and start a new cycle with home and family. You step into 2017 free of any past baggage ready to embrace sparkling potential.

I’m pleased to say you are feeling very much your best self this month. You’ve been getting your priorities in order and dealing with annoying situations in a grounded and grown up way! Your natural ability to see the deeper picture has helped you discover who and what you want to carry into your future and the coming year.
All those communication challenges and irritating work situations have basically pushed you into your power. Mercury is heading into your 3rd house of communication enabling you to persuade others of the brilliance of your views, however, avoid being manipulative or not telling the whole story.
Eris, the Goddess of destruction and vengeance is plotting to make sure others live up to their word. Equally, others expect you to follow through. If you avoid doing what you know you should do, there may be a messy confrontation. OK, you might win, but this time the lesson is to find the compromise.
Venus is entering your 4th house of home and family. Your focus slips into those closest to you and being coochied (English for snuggled) up at home. This reboots your soul and fills you with warm, sweet, pleasure. You are more nurturing than normal and enjoy fussing around your pals.
The Full Moon on the 8th is basically in a similar energy to you. You feel charismatic, powerful, intense and your primal emotions are stoked. Beware feeling paranoid or obsessional. Use those super powers to feel in your power and equal to all.
There’s some planetary jiggery-pokery going on on the 15th to make you aware of any imbalances which are knocking you off course. You are confronted with a situation that pokes a deep button. It could be to do with a dream and your sense of perfection, but whatever it is, be very aware rather than reactive.
Fear not, the 18th brings you a powerhouse day to burn through and clear things up.
Mars hurtles into your 5th house of pleasure, optimism, sexuality and creativity. Anything is possible, you have the energy to succeed, and on top of that, your friskyness is burning bright.
Mercury goes retro on the 3rd so clean up the conversations before then or there are delays and miscommunication. The New Moon has you thinking deeply and discussing your next phase with someone close and the energy of NYE is dripping with overindulgent delights!

You have had a wild ride recently, life may have been a magical mystery tour with you centre stage. December also offers unusual delights and possibilities, but you are also ready to stabilise and lay some foundations and settle down.  Mars trine Jupiter on the 2nd dangles a new connection. There may be a romantic, group, new tribe or social network hook up, that brings the chance of future success. Your words are being taken seriously. You can build on your ideas.
Mercury further enhances your ability to make decisions which are not only practical but are full of potential. With Venus entering your 3rd house of communication, you are charm personified. Expect some flirtation along with your serious meetings. The Sun conjuncts Saturn in your sign. You have come into your confidence and, even if you have not been aware of it, you are stepping into your power. You are building lasting partnerships and have developed unions which can grow. You’ve come a long way, baby! Look out for an unexpected but delightful reward that’s winging it’s way toward you....
The Full Supermoon in Gemini in your 7th house of relationships is giving you a peek experience. You are psychically in tune, your psychic powers are all over your romantic life and love interests. If you’re in a relationship or attracted to someone, the truth will be revealed.
A challenging time on the 15th is intent on stretching your soul and focuses on how seriously you are taking your life and also any (or past) current power struggles, and what you are prepared to do to achieve your dreams. Integrity always has to be the key. Is there a pattern in this?
The 18th powers you up and makes you a superstar of action and laughter. You are not only going to get things done, but you are also going to make it a pleasure for yourself and anyone else who crosses your path.
On the 19th Mars pushes your physical energy towards your home and family. You intend to transform your space. Mercury goes retrograde in your financial sector so make sure you have tied up any loose ends before then.
Christmas day has a fabulous energy and even if someone tries to derail you, you manage to save the day with your good humour and bright, loving smile and the New Moon on the 29th allows you to enter a new stage of security and abundance. Not a bad way to end the year!

The month kicks off with you ‘having it out’ with someone close. Venus is squaring Eris the hostile Goddess who loves a good battle and never surrenders until she has won.  Very intense energy, but Venus is in your sign, so she gives you the super power of love bombing those that are trying to wind you up and melting them with your effortless charm.
When Mercury goes into your sign on the 2nd no-one can put one past you, you are charm personified but also have great boundaries. Mars is also trine Jupiter which could bring a pleasant surprise and reward for previous efforts.
When Venus enters your 2nd house, you are feeling much more stable and at home. You’re sure of the feelings of those around you and also value and love yourself. With the Sun conjunct Saturn and Trine Uranus you are in your element. You are grounding your dreams but also allowing your desires and dreams to become a reality finally. The Full Super Moon on the 6th makes you a little bit of an emotional hermit as you examine what is important to you. Don’t be critical of yourself or others especially when it comes to lifestyle.
There could be some conflict around work life balance on the 15th; this seems to upset you or stir up emotions from the past. You are pulled about to see how strong the new you is, by the 18th you have not only overcome those obstacles but are raring to go and could pull off something previously thought impossible.
Christmas should be a warm, cosy and satisfying experience where you value all those you love, you are content and purring with delight. OK, other people may be a bit unpredictable, but you are in a very forgiving mood.
The New Moon on the 29th is in your sign! This is fabulous news; it is a time to dump the baggage from the past, recreate yourself, feel that there’s a clean slate and a brand new road in front of you. On top of that, you can ask the Universe to grant a wish. The perfect end of the year experience!

(AQUARIUS and PISCES coming soon)

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Post by eddie on Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:35 pm

(Apologies - only just remembered our water beaters and fish!)


Wowzers, this month has your ruler, Uranus, bringing in some fabulous surprises. He has been spinning you backwards for five months and dragging you through the past, and possibly surprising you with re-connections to an ex-lover or old friend. How did that workout?
Before we go into that, be prepared for a golden opportunity as Mars the planet of action in your sign hooks up with Jupiter the planet of expansion and good fortune. Are you ready for an adventure? Do you have a secret entrepreneur inside you? If you embrace a call to expand and grow, if you open up to your quirky side, study, travel or mix with people with a different point of view, the Universe should reward you.
Mercury enters a position of secrets revealed and boosts your psychic powers. Trust your gut this December. On top of that Venus the planet of love enters your sign, this is stupendous news! Venus bestows you with a little love magic; it’s perfect to heal relationships, fall in love and impress people with your beautiful heart. Use Venus’s superpowers wisely as it can also draw people to you who may get the wrong impression and think you are interested when you’re not. Sun and Saturn join forces and trine your ruler. Uranus has your back, and your genius is hijacked and grounded by the confident Sun and stable Saturn. You tend to take your brilliance for granted; this stunning combination allows you to build on it, and the focus is communicating with people. What you say and who you mix with is incredibly important.
There may be a conflict of interests or battle of wills mid-month. You might feel that you have no choice but to truly be yourself and express your unique soul, however, avoid being brutal. Choose to do what is right for you and make changes with kindness, and hopefully, then all should be well. Remember, Mercury the planet of communication is going retrograde from the 19th so sort out all commitments before then and double check your travel plans.
A flirty Full Super Moon is filling you with laughter and creativity. It’s the perfect day to do the things that give you pleasure. Look out for a sign or revelation about how you can bring more joy into your life. You might also give birth to a new creative concept.
Christmas day has you brimming with ideas, interesting conversations and a sense of peace and stability, the importance of this is that you can embrace the fact that security for you means growing and expanding. Give priority to things that inspire you.
Yes, there are times this month when you feel like a hermit, but reflection is good for your soul. Meditate, curl up with your journal and go within to double check your inner psychic google!
Now for the big news Uranus, your ruler, goes direct on the 29th. Finally, you feel like yourself again. What starts as a glimmer soon hurtles into full on enthusiasm. You can handle anything that comes your way and look forward to being spontaneous.
Finally, the New Moon steers you towards your spirituality. You have a yearning to heal yourself and others. A new mystery reveals itself just in time for the New Year.

Unlike the rest of us, you’re not slowing down but gearing up this holiday season. The Sun in your 10th house of career and personal power is giving you the courage to go for it. OK, it may be squaring your ruling planet Neptune in the 1st, but this is only going to help you turn your dreams into reality, so no more pussy footing around. Throw out illusions and grasp your idea, and make it happen.
Mars the planet of action is trine Jupiter which gives you a psychic revelation. You KNOW what is going on deep under the surface so trust it. You also face your fears and realise that they weren’t so scary after all.
Mercury is giving you networking superpowers as you blast your ideas into the Universe. Teamwork and collaboration bring huge rewards. Who can you connect with that is on the same vibe as you? Hang out with the folk that inspire you and KNOW that you are worthy of the potential success coming your way.
Venus is making you a bit dreamy as she switches into your most romantic and empathetic sector. You want soul connections and a deeper union. You may meet someone you had a past life connection with and feel as if you have come home. Of course, beware delicious illusions which may be beguiling and tempting.
On the 10th you have an extraordinary opportunity to clinch a deal. The sky is dripping with possibilities, all ripe for the plucking. You may tie your dream to technology and come up with a stunning way to deliver your idea. Be wacky, be grounded and most importantly show you can deal with the details.
The Full Super Moon on the 14th is making you very soppy about home and family; you get intense pleasure from being around your tribe or nurturing those you love. A healing revelation can come to you in a dream, and you feel very psychically in tune with your family.
There are challenges mid-month, but you also have a fire in your belly and an unstoppable will to succeed. You got this!
On the 19th Mars the planet of action enters your sign, this gives you a huge energy boost. On top of that, we have pesky Mercury retrograde. Read everything before you send it. Make sure you are not going to bum dial (butt dial) anyone while gossiping, check your technology and pour over any contracts. The spoken word can be very misunderstood at this time.
Christmas day should be a day of beauty for you, as well as feeling friskier than usual you want an intimate connection with the object of your desire. You have reached a point of relaxation, but your mind is still reeling with all the practical things that you need to do to keep moving forward. All in all a fabulously productive month.

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Post by eddie on Tue Dec 13, 2016 2:20 pm

Tomorrow's Full moon is a supermoon, the last of this year's amazing and many supermoons.
The sun is in SAGITTARIUS at the moment so this supermoon falls in its opposite sign of GEMINI.

A FULL MOON occurs on Tuesday, December 13th, 2016, at 7:05 PM EST. On Wednesday afternoon, the Moon is full–the Gemini Moon exactly opposes the Sagittarius Sun. The Gemini-Sagittarius polarity is a mental axis, where Gemini represents the “lower mind” and Sagittarius represents the “higher mind”.

Here is how it will affect us all individually (the intensity and type of emotion will vary according to where each of your lunar and solar signs are.) This supermoon's effect will be felt most intrinsically by sun signs GEMINI and SAGITTARIUS:

The December 13-14 Full Moon falls in the airy sign of Gemini and will be culminating events, feelings and emotions that took place around the Sagittarius New Moon back in November.

December’s Full Moon is actually another Super Moon that has been part of a series focused on bringing illumination to the world.

Whatever has been buried beneath the surface of your life has most likely come to a head in the last few months and this last Super Moon is going to bring the final point of illumination for 2016.

This is extremely powerful energy which is going to be helping you to purge all that you need to let go of so you can welcome in the new energy of 2017 with open arms and a fresh perspective.

The December Full Moon is also activating what astrologers call a mystic rectangle. Just as the name suggests, mystic rectangles are magical and mystical and will be helping to supercharge a lot of energy.

From an intuitive standpoint, this mystic rectangle is going to be opening up a portal into a new realm. This realm will be accessible to those who welcome in the energy and in many ways, accessing this realm is going to be like your fast pass into the energy of 2017.

2016 has been a heavy year of endings and letting go, whereas 2017 is a year that is set to be full of new beginnings and fresh starts.

This December Full Moon is now going to be one of your final assessment points where you will be able to review what you have learned and what you are going to be bringing with you into the new cycle.

If there is energy you are still processing, if there are issues that are still coming up for you, they will join you in the new cycle of 2017 unless you make a conscious effort to transcend them now.

There is still time to release and let go of the things you no longer desire to bring with you into the new year. In fact, you have till March 2017 to really release and let go, however after this Full Moon, the energy to release will grow dimmer and dimmer.

If you really feel ready to shed, if you really feel a desire to release and let go, if you really feel a desire to transform into your absolute and fullest potential, if you are ready for this, the Universe will offer you an invitation.

On this December Full Moon, under the power of the mystic rectangle, a portal will open up granting you a fast track. This fast track will allow you to shed things quickly and to release things quickly, so you can accelerate into whatever 2017 has in store for you.

This portal is something that you have to tune into, and is almost like a shortcut that you can access in order to speed through the releasing process.

This portal is only going to be accessible to those who are ready for it and for those who are ready to shift their vibration and fully open their awareness.

Entering into this portal is going to feel like a sudden and fast-paced purging. This purging may be very intense, but when you come out the other side, you are going to feel reborn.

Many of you probably have already felt this purging energy to some extent, but this portal that is opening on the Full Moon will accelerate and help to really purify what energy you are going to take into 2017.

In order to access this portal, pay attention to what comes up for you around this Full Moon. Whatever lessons or themes you have been working with for the last year will most likely rise up into full consciousness and by being aware and ready to release, you will be able to access this energy.

December’s Full Moon is busy and full of energy. Those sensitive to the cycles of the Moon are definitely going to be feeling this one.

Be gentle with yourself around this time and give yourself space to fully reflect and let go. Work on nourishing yourself under this Full Moon and enjoy the amazing illuminating energy it brings.

This Full Moon would also be the perfect time to do a releasing and letting go ritual.

Intuition is the key to your understanding of where you may wish to next proceed. You cannot repress anything now as this moon will bring things out into the light.

YOUR MONTH AHEAD - December NEWS Img_5610

I left my soul there
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Living free
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