Rochester, N.Y. mayor extends open hours at Mt. Hope Cemetery on Election Day

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Rochester, N.Y. mayor extends open hours at Mt. Hope Cemetery on Election Day

Post by >THE Ben Reilly< on Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:44 am

On November 8, 1872, Susan B. Anthony was arrested for illegally casting a ballot in the presidential election. More than a century later, single women are the nation’s most potent political force. Anthony’s grave in Rochester, New York, is a popular destination for women who want to honor her memory by doing their civic duty, and according to the Democrat & Chronicle, this year the city’s mayor is making it even easier to do so.

Mt. Hope Cemetery, where Anthony is buried, usually closes at 5:30 p.m., but on Election Day, it’ll be open until voting ends. “Visiting Susan B. Anthony’s gravesite has become an Election Day rite of passage for many citizens,” Rochester’s mayor told the paper in a press release. “With this year’s historically significant election, it seems right to extend that opportunity until the polls close.”

“As man advances in civilization, and small tribes are united into larger communities, the simplest reason would tell each individual that he ought to extend his social instincts and sympathies to all members of the same nation, though personally unknown to him. This point being once reached, there is only an artificial barrier to prevent his sympathies extending to the men of all nations and races.”

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