CIA torture whistleblower reveals evidence that CIA spied on him

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CIA torture whistleblower reveals evidence that CIA spied on him

Post by Ben Mothafuckin' Reilly on Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:18 pm

The man at the center of the US Senate’s landmark investigation of the CIA torture program has gone public for the first time about an experience that led to the CIA spying on him as part of what he calls a “failed coverup”.

For six years, Daniel Jones was the chief investigator for the Senate intelligence committee’s inquiry into CIA detentions and interrogations carried out in the post-9/11 Bush era. Jones and his team turned 6.3m pages of internal CIA documents into a scathing study which concluded that torture was ineffective and that the CIA had lied about it to two presidents, Congress and the US public.

But before Jones’s investigation was released in December 2014, the CIA searched through Senate files on a shared, firewalled network that had been set up by the agency for Jones and his team to securely receive classified documents.

The CIA accessed Jones’s work and even reconstructed his emails, sparking an unprecedented clash between the agency and its legislative overseers on Capitol Hill.

Jones has broken his silence in an extensive series of interviews with the Guardian, expressing dissatisfaction with what he called a lack of accountability for torture at the CIA. He also says the agency, under the leadership of John Brennan was abetted in trying to silence criticism by Barack Obama, the president who banned torture as one of the first acts of his tenure.

“People who played a significant role in this program, who are in the report, continue to play significant roles in sensitive programs at the agency,” said Jones, a former FBI counter-terrorism analyst.

“To me, it’s a huge lost opportunity. Here’s an administration that came in and did all the right things within a few days, shutting down the program … We were just never given a fair airing. No one from the White House would be briefed by us. They were briefed by the CIA.”

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Re: CIA torture whistleblower reveals evidence that CIA spied on him

Post by Original Quill on Sun Sep 11, 2016 5:41 pm

blackie333 wrote:
Ben Reilly wrote:

I doubt that there is a Country in the world that wouldn't have asked their security forces to check out something like that BR.
I'd want them to check it and bugger protocol and red tape.
I'd want them to be on the ball NOW!
Bleeding right I would!

But it is contrary to the idea of an 'Open Society'. is it not blackie? Perhaps if the CIA publicly announced that they were going to spy on Mr. Jones it might at least have made it transparent.

As it is, it creates the appearance that they want to keep secrets from the public. That's not healthy in a democracy.

Their motives draw the same point. Normally, you spy on someone who is doing something adverse to your country. But Mr. Jones was doing something that, as we've seen, was healthy for an open society. On the theory that the enemy of your friend is your enemy, aren't the CIA's actions in this regard the actions of someone hostile to the USA?

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Re: CIA torture whistleblower reveals evidence that CIA spied on him

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