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No second guessing here

Post by Guest on Wed Aug 10, 2016 10:14 am

From Jordan's Ammon News:
Border Guards late Monday foiled an infiltration attempt by a vehicle coming from northeastern border with Syria, an army statement said.

The statement added that military observers spotted a vehicle speeding towards the Kingdom's border.

A border patrol applied the rules of engagement taken in such cases, killing the infiltrators and destroying their car.

If this had happened in Israel, there would be immediate reports in the media and from NGOs saying:

* The car was not aiming at the soldiers, there was no risk to human life.
* The people in the car were obviously Syrian refugees who were greeted with deadly force when they tried to escape.
* This was a disproportionate response.
* This was an extrajudicial execution.
* Why couldn't they just fire at the tires?
* The soldiers should be equipped with pepper spray for situations like this. Or pen lasers. Or some other technology that we know nothing about but that must exist to save the lives of the people in the car.
* Did they have to kill all the people in the car?
* Isn't destroying the car afterwards unnecessary? It sounds like gratuitous revenge.
* The rules of engagement are racist. They wouldn't treat Jordanians driving cars the same way.
* We call for a full and transparent investigation (that we can then attack because it is obviously biased.)
* We call on the UN to investigate this incident. Also the ICC.
* This is yet more proof that we live under an evil regime.

I'm sure I missed some....


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