Former Advisor To Ed Balls Has A Brilliant Exchange With A Jeremy Corbyn Supporter

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Former Advisor To Ed Balls Has A Brilliant Exchange With A Jeremy Corbyn Supporter

Post by Didge on Thu Jul 28, 2016 11:18 am

The Labour leadership election is in full swing and supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith are hitting the phones to drum up support for their man among party members. But one pro-Corbyn canvasser got more than they bargained for when they ended up on the other end of the line to a former adviser to Ed Balls, Labour’s former Shadow Chancellor.

Karim Palant wrote:Very much enjoyed being telephone canvassed by Jeremy Corbyn's campaign yesterday evening.

Sadly I wasn't able to write it down or record it but here is my recollection:

Caller: Hi I am calling from Jeremy Corbyn's leadership campaign have you got a moment to speak.
Me: Oh yes.
Caller: Great. Have you made up your mind how you are going to vote in the Labour leadership election.
Me: No, not yet.
Caller: Oh. And why is that?
Me: Well... I like some of what Jeremy is saying. And I voted for him last time [a little white lie...] But I am very worried about the polls.
Caller: Yes I think Jeremy hasn't really had a chance to lead though.
Me: Sure, but what is his plan to turn things around in the polls.
Caller: Well there is a populist mood out there at the moment as we saw with Brexit and with Trump and the SNP and Jeremy is able to tap in to that.
Me: Really?!
Caller: Yes
Me: Trump?
Caller: Well in the sense that there's an anti-establishment mood and he is anti-establishment.
Me: Oh. But what kinds of things is he going to say to appeal to this mood? What's his approach to these people going to be?
Caller: Well he is anti-austerity.
Me: So he's not going to say stuff like Trump then?
Caller: Oh no goodness I didn't mean that he was actually like Trump!
Me: Sure sure. But what is he for then?
Caller: He is anti-austerity and...
Me: Yes that is true. But what is he for?
Caller: Well austerity is causing a lot of anger and is hitting people's wages and incomes and housing and he will stand up for them.
Me: Is being anti-austerity a new thing.
Caller: No he has always been anti austerity.
Me: Oh. It doesn't seem to be working. But also hasn't the Labour Party always been anti-austerity?
Caller: No Jeremy has changed that
Me: But didn't Gordon Brown in 2009 bring all the G20 leaders together and commit them all to a growth plan to get us out of the financial crisis rather than to all cut back. I thought Labour had been anti-austerity since 2009?
Caller: Well I don't remember that, but Ed Balls.
Me: What about Ed Balls?
Caller: Well he was arguing for cuts
Me: Isn't that what john Mcdonnell is arguing for?
Caller: No
Me: But hasn't john mcdonnell said he wants to have the same fiscal rule as Ed Balls?
Caller: I'm not sure but...
Me: I think they have both said that they want to eliminate the current budget deficit but leave space for borrowing for capital?
Caller: Yes but there is a much bigger emphasis on investment, john mcdonnell wants to invest
Me: What in?
Caller: Well in growing the economy
Me: Ok.. so by?
Caller: Well housing for a start - social housing not just so called 'affordable' housing.
Me: Ok. Has he got a target for how many?
Caller: Oh I don't know good question just let me have a look.
Me: Say 200,000 or so?
Caller: I... um...
Me: I only ask because it was in the 2015 manifesto you see so i'm trying to work out whether this is anything different...
Caller: Oh right. Well I think there's obviously more areas. Is there anything else you're worried about?
Me: Oh that's not a problem. Yes there was one other thing. I am Jewish you see, and I am very worried about all of this anti-semitism.
Caller: Yes. Jeremy obviously is against any form of discrimination.
Me: Well yes, I would expect that. But what is his plan to deal with the issue as a whole?
Caller: Well obviously Jeremy condemns anything like that.
Me: Ok.
Caller: Is there anything else?
Me: (arriving at the pub) No thanks that was very helpful.
Caller: Do you know when your nomination meeting is?
Me: Yes, thanks, bye

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