The night before a big bank job guys...

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Re: The night before a big bank job guys...

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 11, 2016 11:28 am

blackie333 wrote:You know the feeling, your bums a flapping, your hands are shaking and your heart beat is going like a clock with a broken spring
and then spotty Sally pulls her piggy bank out of her school desk and you know you have to risk a caning on the arse to get her lollipop money
and half chewed bubblegum or you'll be called chicken Laughing
Do you miss your schooldays?
  WOWSERS ...I nearly ignored this lovely thread just because of the miss leading topic title!

No, I don't miss my school days ...but every once in a while I'll be putting some of my art supplies away in the cupboard where the grand kids have their stash of favorite supplies - opening that door is a memory aroma blast from my past!  Good heartfelt memories flood my mind.


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