Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy

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Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy Empty Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy

Post by eddie on Sun Jul 10, 2016 12:55 am

Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy

Schroeder had left Merkel an impressive legacy: a stable country, a growing economy, good relationships with the leading countries of the world. How has “die Eiserne Kanzlerin” made use of them? Down which path have 11 years of Merkel’s brand of democracy led Germany and Europe?

Despite the fact that Germany is Europe’s economic leader and retains the final word in EU policies, Merkel’s failures in internal and foreign policy are becoming more obvious. Of course, at first glance, the Chancellor succeeded in reducing the level of unemployment in Germany and brought the economy to a path of growth after the recession of the post-crisis period, but the situation in the country continues to deteriorate each day.

Confused foreign policy and the lack of political will have led to a massive influx of migrants from the crisis regions of the Middle East and North Africa. The migrants, in addition to causing a financial burden on the budget, are destabilizing the traditional German society by creating a demographic imbalance.

It is well-known that the German population is steadily declining by nearly 100,000 people per year. The influx of migrants has arrested this process, but it is unable to eliminate the tendency altogether. Germany’s mortality rate continues to exceed the birth rate. According to the Federal Statistical Agency, the average woman in Germany in recent years has borne 1.4 children. A higher birth rate – 1.6 children per woman – would have slowed this trend down, but it would not be able to halt it entirely. The number of deaths is projected to rise. It is accordingly evident that Merkel’s demographic policy has failed.

The crime situation is worsening with the influx of migrants. Although migrants make up just over 10% of the population, they account for just over 25% of crimes that are committed, though some sources place this number as high a 30%. In addition, foreigners commit more than 80% of all violent crimes. However, the authorities prefer to keep silent about this data, in order not to provoke further anti-migrant backlash. Dozens of Middle East- and Africa-based organized crime clans have taken thieves, robbers and drug dealers all over Germany under their wing. To make matters worse, German cities are overflowing with drugs and the mortality rate from drug use is increasing rapidly. In 2015, this figure had risen to 20%

The worsening crime situation has increased the demoralization among the police. For example, there are some policemen who are afraid to act in the so-called ‘zones of lawlessness’ in Duisburg, as they know that any attacks on them by the people from the Middle East will remain unpunished. Germany has gone from being the centerpiece of the European welfare state to the epicenter of the continent’s organized crime. However, German intelligence services deserve credit for preventing major terrorist attacks in the country. It is possible, however, that there exists a tacit understanding that obligates criminal organizations to suppress terrorist activities in exchange for certain freedom of action.

The environmental situation is another area which is deteriorating due to the influx of migrants. Many of the migrants are simply not accustomed to using trash bins, let alone a sophisticated recycling system. Piles of garbage and sewage are now visible along the highways throughout the country.

Despite Germany’s image as of one of the pillars of democracy in the world, the freedom of speech in the country continues to suffer from major restrictions. It is practically impossible to publish an article in the local media which is contrary to government policy. Article submissions are blocked at the editorial level.

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Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy Empty Re: Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy

Post by Guest on Sun Jul 10, 2016 6:07 am

William Blum Blogger > Despite Germany’s image as of one of the pillars of democracy in the world, the freedom of speech in the country continues to suffer from major restrictions. It is practically impossible to publish an article in the local media which is contrary to government policy. Article submissions are blocked at the editorial level.
This man's lack of decent & honest/ethical posting into his blog is probably the reason that his requests for speaking engagements have dropped off ...well and that mind numbing traitor publishing article in 1969 exposé when he outed over 200 undercover CIA agents {names & addresses} didn't help any either. Evil or Very Mad
Germany  Free
LE: 6
PE: 6
EE: 4
Total Score: 16

The constitution guarantees freedom of expression and of the press, although there are exceptions for hate speech, Holocaust denial, and Nazi propaganda. The Freedom of Information legislation finally went into force in January 2006, containing extensive exemptions and requiring the payment of high fees in advance of every request. The press was critical of the government throughout the year and extensively covered Germany's alleged participation in or knowledge of America's Central Intelligence Agency's detention and transfer of terrorist suspects. In October, the private newspaper, Bild, widely circulated pictures that appear to show German soldiers in Afghanistan posing with a skull, which initiated investigations into the incidents. 
In March, journalist Bruno Schirra and the head of the foreign section of the Swiss weekly SonntagsBlick, Johannes von Dohnanyi, were charged with "complicity in divulging a state secret;" but their case has yet to go to trial. Schirra is alleged to have divulged information contained in a confidential German police report about the Al-Qaeda network that was passed to him by von Dohnanyi. In 2005, the newsroom of Cicero magazine and Schirra's home were raided under the authorization of Interior Minister Otto Schily, again citing "betraying state secrets" as the rationale. 
In May, the German Parliament posted on its website part of a report revealing that the country's external intelligence service has been spying on journalists. The post was in reaction to the 2005 scandal involving journalists who were paid by the federal intelligence agency to spy on their colleagues. After the singer Robbie Williams imposed restrictions on photographers while on tour, German media boycotted his concerts. In 2005, journalists were concerned about proposed restrictions on media coverage of the 2006 World Cup which included mandatory clearance checks on journalists before they could be accredited to report on matches from the stadium. Nonetheless, most of these restrictions were eventually lifted prior to the event. 
The private media are diverse and independent. Each of 16 regions is in charge of its own public radio and television broadcasters, and there are many private stations as well. The printed press is dominated by numerous regional papers. Only a handful of national papers are published. A small number of centralized editorial offices control most content, and only a few commercial groups, which are some of the largest in the world, dominate the media market. Internet access is open and largely unrestricted and was used regularly by over 60 percent of the population in 2006. However, German law bans internet access to the aforementioned prohibited material. Search engines in Germany have subscribed to the "Voluntary Self-Control for Multimedia Service Providers" filtering web sites based on a list created by Germany's Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons.
BTW - according to this link www.worldaudit;
the UK has a Free rating of 19 and a Free rating of 16 for the United States  Germany, Eleven Years of Merkel’s Democracy 2190311264 
Seems this DUDE has a issue with facts but is free wheeling his highly slanted opinion for those that enjoy his mental dribble! Suspect


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