Palestinian Authority incentivizes murder

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Palestinian Authority incentivizes murder

Post by Didge on Sun Jul 03, 2016 11:22 pm

Noga Tarnopolsky @NTarnopolsky
The Palestinian Authority pays murderers. Its something the left has to confront. By @EliLake. …

Not just “the left” but anyone who hopes for a peaceful future between Palestinians and Israelis.
All the more remarkable, then, that Palestinian passersby (with no incentive) helped rescue and and care for injured family members of a rabbi who was shot to death while driving in the West Bank.
“Arabs succeeded in opening the door and took us out and put us in [another] car so that nothing will happen to us,” the [rabbi's 15-year-old son Pedaya] recalled.
Walla News reported that a Palestinian man called in rescue forces, while his wife attended to Pedaya’s sister. A Palestinian Red Crescent ambulance was first to treat the victims at the scene. Israeli Magen David Adom teams arrived shortly afterwards.

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