@UNRWA official, citing Elie Wiesel, seems to say Israel is performing genocide

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@UNRWA official, citing Elie Wiesel, seems to say Israel is performing genocide

Post by Didge on Sun Jul 03, 2016 6:30 pm

Here is a tweet from Matthias Schmale, UNRWA director in Lebanon, where quotes and adds onto a tweet by someone else - which is pretty much an endorsement of what they wrote:

To cite a Holocaust survivor in order to accuse Israel of being just like the Nazis - which is what taygogo did - is textbook antisemitism. And a top UNRWA official agrees with it so much that he amplifies it.

In the hours since Wiesel died we have seen lots of filth come out of the woodwork to excoriate him for his support of the only Jewish state in the world, and to call him a hypocrite for not applying the lessons of the Holocaust to Israel. In fact, Wiesel did exactly that. He had a clear moral vision where he could see the direct line between Jew-hatred in Nazi Germany and Jew-hatred today from the Arab world, a hatred that so-called humanitarians are silent about. He could see how today's antisemites are using Israel as a proxy for Jews - and using humanitarian language to hide their hate.

Put it this way: No one is saying today that Wiesel's lessons should apply to Syria or Sudan or Somalia.

Somehow, Israel is always the one state in the world that must compared to the Nazis, and the death of a Holocaust survivor is a wonderful opportunity for these sick people to publicly express this modern, acceptable form of Jew-hatred.

It's always nice to be around when the mask comes off and we see how UNRWA's leaders really think.

Make no mistake - to use Elie Wiesel's memory as a bludgeon to attack Israel, a nation that he supported, is sickening.  And for people who work for a supposedly humanitarian agency to publicly espouse such an opinion shows the moral bankruptcy that is at the heart of UNRWA.


I am not denying Israel does some wrongs, but how anyone can compare israel to nazism, has to be the most sickest disturb falsified load of bullshit to allow again what the Nazi tried to do, dehumanize the jews based off a lie and where does it come from?
Sick fucks from the left. They dont give one tiny rats arse about Syria, Iraq, Yemn etc, their view is inaction but with Israel its lets cast them as Lucifer, based on the worst racism I have not seen since Nazism

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