10 British citizens planned to conduct riots at Temple Mount during Ramadan

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10 British citizens planned to conduct riots at Temple Mount during Ramadan

Post by Guest on Thu Jun 30, 2016 12:00 am

On Sunday, a group of 10 British citizens landed at Ben Gurion Airport. The Britons aroused the suspicion of the security agents at the airport, which prompted the security agents to question them. During the questioning, it was discovered that they are Pakistani nationals who came to Israel in order to conduct riots at the Temple Mount during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan..

Seven of them were deported back to Britain, while the other three were handed over to the Shin Bet for additional questioning. The Shin Bet deported one of them. The other two are still being detained by the Shin Bet.

This is not peaceful worship

Watch how rioters abuse the Al-Aqsa mosque to launch violent attacks against non-Muslim visitors on the Temple Mount. This is not peaceful worship.


British Pakistani Muslims, so what is their only connection to Jerusalem?
Where these British Muslims have come to do what Many Palestinian Muslims do everyday, hate people and attack people simply for bulidings, deemed religious, where we are constantly told Non-Muslims are welcome at Mosques.
It seems they clearly have got the script wrong over here on that aspect.
I mean is supposed to be the third holiest place in islam, where they act like animals.
Its the most holiest place for Jews, of which the Muslims claim to worship the same God, but cannot share the same area to worship basically the same god. Does that not tell you what Muslims are taught to view and think of Jews?
I will leave that up to others to decide for themselves


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