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Post by Didge on Tue Jun 28, 2016 6:42 pm

She really just can’t help herself…
The UK was complicit in drowning migrants in the Mediterranean and sending people ‘back’ to their deaths before the referendum and will undoubtedly continue to do so after it. It should be clear to all of us that international students and migrant rights are non-negotiable for our movement and that we will mount all the necessary resistance to defend them. We need to come together and build a powerful counter movement in society, which takes on the government and its racist policies.
With a President like her representing them British students have nothing to worry about…right?

So on top of her being ousted for her antisemitism and numerous Univeristies breaking with the NUS, she has also added dehumanizing the British to her long list of racism.
Of course we are responsible for all these dodgy boats that are taking advantage of refugees and migrants trying to capatalise off the refugee crisis. Of course lets forget how this happened all in the first place?
Through then inaction of the world to intervene in Syria based off one of the most mindboggling conceived views there has ever been claimed. That if we assist ina civil conflict and help against a tyrant, we wil only end up annoying Muslims, who will join terrorism, even though these same Muslims have for ther better part watched during this same conflict 500,000 die, 1.9 million wounded and 9 million become refugees. Yes it has to be one of the worlds most outlandish claims, that if true, we really need to ask, why Muslims can turn to terrorism, not off Muslims butchering Muslims, but off nations trying to save Muslims lives. Of course if such a view is wrong and we failed to help, then there would not have been a refugee crisis in the first place, but a extremist scum bag racist like this idiot, is unble to see that

Go figure

Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.

-- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

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