Arabs make video celebrating the "Ramadan operation" in Tel Aviv

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Arabs make video celebrating the "Ramadan operation" in Tel Aviv

Post by Guest on Fri Jun 10, 2016 5:43 pm

This Arab dramatization of the Tel Aviv attack, based on false early reports that the shooters were disguised as religious Jews, was produced and released less than 24 hours after the murders.

 It uses the hashtag "Ramadan operation."

Unlike apologists for Palestinian terror speaking to gullible Westerners, this video for Muslim audiences doesn't try to justify murdering Jews in a restaurant as being because of "occupation" or "oppression."  The video juxtaposes the murderous rampage with the Ramadan iftar meal and a visual of the Dome of the Rock. it shows that it is religion, not politics, that animates these terror attacks.

Hamas openly associates Ramadan with religious war against Israel. But no analyst at the New York Times or CNN would dare say that.

4 murdered and 16 wounded on Wednesday, their crime, being Jewish.
Imagine if such a video was made in the Uk, as the above in regards to the Lee Rigby murder and terrorist attack?
How would posters feel?


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