Paramedics refused to take mother who suffered a stroke to hospital because they thought she was drunk

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Paramedics refused to take mother who suffered a stroke to hospital because they thought she was drunk

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 06, 2016 5:19 am

Paramedics refused to take a mother-of-two who suffered a stroke to hospital because they believed she was only intoxicated.
Claire Mozaffari, 33, collapsed at her home in Gateshead after returning from a night out with friends in Newcastle. Deprived of urgent medical assistance for nine-and-a-half hours, her condition continued to deteriorate, before she fell into a coma several days later. Despite explaining to paramedics tending to Ms Mozaffari that she had only drunk five pints of lager, her family were advised that the most suitable course of action was to leave her on the sofa to sober up.

It was only after her condition had visibly worsened that her sister Lorna Bell rang the emergency services the following morning, at which point she was rushed to the Royal Victoria Hospital in Newcastle. "I was in the bathroom when I heard a bang and Claire was knocked out on the floor. We couldn't bring her around at first, she could not walk and she was confused so we called an ambulance," she said. "Three paramedics came out really quickly. We told them what had happened and the fact that Claire had only had five pints. They picked her up, put her on the sofa and said she was drunk. We trusted the ambulance service.

"But my mum called me the next morning to say she had gotten worse so we phoned the ambulance back and Claire was taken to hospital."

While Claire's condition improved temporarily, she then deteriorated rapidly several days later, forcing doctors to carry out emergency surgery in order to remove part of her skull.  Following the operation Ms Mozaffari fell into a coma, which her doctors warn she may remain in indefinitely. 
Her sister Lorna said the family were now seeking “answers”, adding that “no family” should have to endure seeing her in a "vegitative state". 
"Doctors have told us it is unlikely Claire will recover. Last week we were taken into a room and asked if Claire would really like to be in a vegetative state because that's probably what she is going to be like. No family should have to go through that.

"We want answers. Why did we have to wait nine-and-a-half hours for Claire to be taken to hospital?"
Ms Mozaffari has remained in a coma since the incident, which took place early morning on April 8. 
Her family have continued to maintain bedside vigils, while Lorna is currently caring for Claire's 18-month-old daughter Soheila. Her son Keiron, 13, is being cared for by his father.

"Keiron does not know the full extent of the situation, just that his mum has been poorly. Soheila is too young to know what's happening, but she will grow up never knowing what her mum was like," Lorna said. "Why do bad things happen to good people? Claire is one of the best. She was married and had two kids, she had everything to live for. "She is special. She is the oldest sister so she is like a second mam to us all. These last few weeks have just been an emotional rollercoaster, we have been to hell and back.

"You lose hope, then you get it back up before it's dashed again. I just do not know what to think."
A spokesman for North East Ambulance Service confirmed that an investigation had been launched following the incident, adding that officials were keeping the family informed “throughout the investigation process”.


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