Hull University Third to Disaffiliate From NUS

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Hull University Third to Disaffiliate From NUS

Post by Guest on Wed May 25, 2016 11:41 am

Joining fellow NUSceptics in Newcastle and Lincoln. The Out campaign won nearly twice the votes of In, with 811 students in favour of leaving the union which just last month debated against commemorating Holocaust Memorial Day while electing a president who believes there is a “Zionist led media”Cambridge begins voting today, the disaffiliation movement is spreading…

Great news, the more this happens, the more people are going to stand up to these left wing regressive low life scum and its present extremist leader.
You know the one that voted against denouncing ISIS.
This is where I had the greatest concerns, Universities, a breeding ground for left wing extremist scum.
Now the battles lines have been drawn


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