Richard Dawkins Confirms He ‘Absolutely’ Did Not Pray When He Had A Stroke

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Richard Dawkins Confirms He ‘Absolutely’ Did Not Pray When He Had A Stroke

Post by Guest on Wed May 25, 2016 8:10 am

Richard Dawkins has revealed that even when he suffered a stroke, the last thing on his mind was praying.
The vehement atheist was speaking on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme Tuesday when John Humphrys asked him: “After you had your illness you didn’t say ‘please God help me not to die or something like that?’

But Dawkins insisted: “Absolutely not, no.”

He added that one thing he was still unable to do since suffering a mild stroke in February was sing, adding that he would consider his recovery complete when he could warble in tune in the shower.

His comments come after new research showed that Christians are now outnumbered in England and Wales by people who claim to be of “no religion”.

Analysis shows 48.5% of people identified in 2015 as having no religion, compared with just 25% who said the same in the last census in 2011.

This means atheists outnumber the 43.8% who identify as Christian.

Speaking to the Times to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the publication of his book The Selfish Gene, Dawkins said that the decrease in church attendance suggested that “the tide is going in the right direction”.

He also spoke out on what he saw as a failure to tackle extremism, particularly in Islam.

He pointed to the examples of FGM and segregated seating at political meetings or university events and labelling it “pandering”.

He added: “There’s a tendency among liberals in the West to bend over backwards because they’re terrified of being called racist. Islam gets a free pass.”

Why do people daftly think athiests will pray, if there is a possibility they will die?
It shows how and why people fail to understand why many people are athiest, in that they readily accept we are mortal and that we also accept that one day we will die. I have watched countless times those closest to me in my family waste their time in prayer, only to be forever constantly see their prayers unanswered. Too many times have I watched this and to me it brings little comfort but further sadnss for many of them. I get many believe it brings comfort, but does it really, when its medical science that in the majority saves someone.

Anyway, Islam, the fatest growing religion?

The same would happen in Muslim majority nations, if they actually allowed no compulsion in religion. Instead, its the opposite, where many are brainwashed from birth and the legal system is set to offer no choice for any to actually decide their faith and to only do so in secret, as the consequences are so dire for them to even state they do not believe in Islam. I mean how sick and warped is it that they never get to choose their religion, as its forced onto them by the state and their parents. That in some countries when they are old enough to decide, they can be executed for being denied the simple right to chose what they want to believe.

Cleay in just 5 years, the number of non-Believers has nearly doubled. Happy days.



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