Poll: Palestinian youths love killing with knives - and multiple wives

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Poll: Palestinian youths love killing with knives - and multiple wives

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 27, 2016 3:01 pm

The latest JMCC poll of Palestinian youth find yet again that a majority support stabbing Israelis:

In answer to the question "

To what extent do you support or oppose the continuation of knife attacks against Israelis?" a majority, 58.2%, support while only 37.8% oppose.

This was slightly higher than the 56.2% of the general Palestinian population that support knife attacks according to their March survey.

As usual, there is no soul-searching in Palestinian media about how they could be raising a generation of people who support cold-blooded murder. In fact, the media and PA government is what is creating this generation by constantly praising the murderers and would-be murderers.

I found this other question interesting: "Do you support having multiple wives?"

Here is a great example of how pollsters can fudge the data to make the answer look the way they want it to look.

If we assume that nearly all of the women surveyed do not want to share their husbands with other women, that means that the number of men who support multiple wives is over 50%.

This wasn't the only question that showed that Palestinians are largely more Islamic than secular. 65.3% of those surveyed said they would refuse to shake hands with members of the opposite sex, and the vast majority cited religious reasons.

And a plurality would rather vote for fundamentalist Islamists than secular Palestinians:

This is quite different from how the media chooses to represent Palestinian society, as they mightily attempt to make them look as secular and Western as possible - a subtle but important message to get news consumers to identify with them.

Pointing out that the majority of Palestinian youths support Islam over modernism is not a narrative that the media wants the world to see.



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