Jeremy Corbyn suggests EU-wide minimum wage to give British workers a 'level playing field'

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Jeremy Corbyn suggests EU-wide minimum wage to give British workers a 'level playing field'

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 14, 2016 9:48 pm

The wage would be tied to the cost of living in each member state and help slow immigration, he said

The European Union should consider introducing an EU-wide minimum wage to reduce the incentive for people to immigrate to Britain, Jeremy Corbyn has suggested.

The Labour leader today made his first speech of the EU referendum campaign, arguing that there was a “strong socialist case” for staying in the bloc.

But Mr Corbyn accepted that there were concerns about the impact of migration on the UK – and said changes to wage laws could help reduce perceived pressures.

The Labour leader said an EU-wide minimum wage could be tied to the cost of living in each EU member state, which would provide a “level playing field” for British workers.

“I don't think too many [migrants] have come, I think the issue has to be of wages and regulations,” he said when asked.

“There has to be a case for a minimum wage tied to the cost of living across the continent.

“There is nothing wrong with people wanting to migrate to work around the continent, but there has to be a level playing field on pay and conditions.”

Such a proposal would likely not see the same cash minimum wage across all countries – but instead see the wages match as a proportion of the cost of living.

Labour appears to be slowly putting together a policy platform with regards to reforming the European Union. Last year shadow home secretary Andy Burnham suggested that areas that experienced high levels of migration should get extra cash from the EU to help expand services to meet any extra demand.

David Cameron, by contrast, has focused on restricting welfare benefits for people who come to work in Britain from other EU member states.

Mr Corbyn’s call comes a day after a report from the Migration Observatory suggested that higher wages was the main reason people from other EU states came to Britain – with very little evidence that the welfare system was a pull factor.

The report says the eurozone crisis has also led to six countries – Poland, Romania, Spain, Italy, Hungary and Portugal – accounting for 80 per cent of the increase in EU migrants living in Britain in recent years.

Bloody good idea.


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Re: Jeremy Corbyn suggests EU-wide minimum wage to give British workers a 'level playing field'

Post by Tommy Monk on Thu Apr 14, 2016 10:52 pm

Wages used to be relative to the cost of living... Until mass immigration was allowed by labour govt from 1997 and then compounded by them signing up to allow open door to East European people in 2003 and then even further exacerbated by them signing up to even more open door eu immigration in the Lisbon treaty etc...

Since then... mass immigration has massively pushed up the costs of living here while also suppressing wages and rises... as well as leading to increases in taxation... and the general lowering in the standards of living here... as well as the extra pressure on public services etc...

The eu is the problem... not the solution!!
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