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Re: Bluetita

Post by nicko on Sat Mar 12, 2016 5:34 pm

I put out Peanuts and mixed seed, within minutes dozens of Pigeon and Magpies come out of the woods opposite my House. As I have shot thousands of "woodies" I try to make it up to them by providing food.

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Re: Bluetita

Post by Guest on Sat Mar 12, 2016 6:56 pm

Since I've always fed my wild birds as well as those 'TREE RATS' {squirrels to me}; the neighbors that allow their cats to breed like 'rabbits' seem to think that my south facing long porch is their place to snag a free warm meal!  I keep an ear pealed for the sounds of a distressed squirrel {they'll cuss up a storm and shake their tale} and those Blue Jays are the best at sounding the 'ALARM' should ole' sneaky cat try to slide/slink into a shrub and grab a warm free meal. 

Sadly, the numbers of my early morning and late evening Mourning Doves have been thinned out do to a Red Tail Hawk that chose my area as a perfect location to establish a nest.  I'll walk out to my mail box and find the feathered remains of what was once a beautiful ringed neck Mourning Dove and only the feet remain behind in the pile of feathers. 

I've had to keep a well stocked box of 'Moth Balls' on hand to toss under the raised front porch to inhibit those ferrell cats from turning that dark place into their brood area --- I've got white PVC lattice work all around the open areas but those sneaky cats...manage to squeeze through and drop those kittens! 
Anyway - wild bird seed mixture has gone up considerable these past few years --- between that and my chicken feed; well my hobby has started to PINCH the POCKET!


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Re: Bluetita

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