Meet Mohammad Wari, one of the Arabs who was stabbed in Jaffa

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Meet Mohammad Wari, one of the Arabs who was stabbed in Jaffa

Post by Guest on Thu Mar 10, 2016 12:43 pm

Mohammad Wari is one of the victims of the Jaffa stabbings this week:

Reading Wari's social media posts you see an example of a successful, secular and funny man who happens to be an Arab who lives in Israel.

He is a product manager at Hola, an Israeli company that allows people to bypass Internet filters and that can be used in places like Iran and China.  His LinkedIn profile says:

ENTP personality type. Continuously striving to improve my performance and expand my knowledge. I'm an avid self-learner, taking an active role in being a team player, leading brainstorm sessions, finding solutions, helping the team to stick with its objectives, and reaching its goals. I'm a big supporter of team diversity and believe that ultimately it serves a crucial role in finding creative solutions. Very experienced in product management, I like taking basic ideas and leading them to the next level, improving on what there is and filling the gaps on what's yet to be done.
Wari is a staunch atheist and hates religious-based conflict. 

He works out at the gym:

He has gone skydiving:

Wari is also not shy about expressing political opinions and he speaks out against anti-Arab racism in Israel. He visited Berlin over New Year's. He likes Western music.  He loves going back home to visit his family.

In other words, he looks, sounds and acts like any other single young Israeli professional.

The Palestinian Arabs (and other anti-Israel activists) who support terror attacks hate the Mohammad Waris as much as they hate Israeli Jews. They don't want Arabs in Israel and the territories to be seen as normal people, but only as victims. They don't want Palestinian youths to aspire to be like Mohammad Wari - they want them to be like his attacker.

Mohammad Wari shows that the entire philosophical basis of the Palestinian Arab leadership, and the propaganda that is force-fed to people worldwide, is wrong.


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