Syrian Children 'Waiting For Their Turn To Die'

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Syrian Children 'Waiting For Their Turn To Die'

Post by Guest on Wed Mar 09, 2016 4:22 am

As the civil war's fifth anniversary nears, a report warns sieges are causing children to die kilometres away from aid warehouses.

Children trapped in towns and cities across Syria have become so terrified and impoverished by the war they now "wait for their turn to be killed", Save The Children has warned. A report by the charity estimates that 250,000 children are struggling to receive electricity along with the food and medicine they need to survive. Sieges staged by warring groups, where snipers try to shoot anyone leaving an area, has meant young people are losing their lives "just a few kilometres from warehouses piled high with aid". Syrian vets have begun to treat sick humans because humanitarian groups cannot gain access to some areas - and officials on the ground described children eating animal feed and boiled leaves as they took shelter from airstrikes.

The endemic levels of malnutrition have left children "wandering around in a daze from hunger".

Points to consider.
As I have pointed out and this constantly proves this. The constant narrative of hate, conspiracies emulating from the Muslim majority world is the cause and rise of extremism. Why is there nothing new of a higher importance and narrative to do something about the daily plight of Syrians, that has seen 470,000 dead?

Is a human life of a lesser value dependent on who is charged with the death of a Muslim civilian?

This is evident as we seen no comparative narrative or call to arms to either both defeat Assad or ISIS.

This is further poof that the narrative of hate is played upon Islamic teachings.
That does not mean we should hate or promote hate against a religion or Muslims, but recognise there are serious issues that need tackling within areas of that faith and to constantly deny this as we see by some regressive's in the west has only allowed the problem to get far worse. Its this denial and a failure to act that has been a major factor in so many dying

Its time we started to recognise this problem and speak openly about it and even more many Muslims have to challenge this narrative

As how much longer are we going to sit by and make excuse after excuses all rendered completely wrong by the staggering death toll for not acting and getting troops on the ground to help the plight of these children and people?

We have allowed a bully in Russia and Putin to take control of a situation of which he cares little of the loss of life and will go to any means to achieve victory for the side of Assad. I am appalled at how weak the west is to stand up to basically dictators.
How much longer and how many more must die for the west and more importantly the Muslim majority nations to wake up to this continuing problem genocide?

In every aspect this will continue to allow the extremist cause to grow, as nobody is showing the strength and belief to take it head on, through a daft fear of sensitivities. Of course this has been in part due to a failing in the Iraq war, but that was a mistake made from many poor decisions. That does not mean you make then far worse decisions by being inactive and allowing countless to suffer daily and die.

The left's inaction has been a major part of this death toll.


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