Tory infighting intensifies as David Cameron is warned of plot to oust him

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Tory infighting intensifies as David Cameron is warned of plot to oust him

Post by sassy on Sun Feb 28, 2016 12:21 pm

Reports come amid claims Foreign Secretary called Conservative MP a 'total s***'

Conservative in-fighting over the EU referendum has worsened amid reports the Foreign Secretary swore at a senior Eurosceptic colleague and David Cameron was warned he faces a plot to oust him as PM.

On Saturday night it emerged the Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, reportedly called Conservative MP Bill Cash “a total s***” after he defied orders to keep a report on the EU deal negotiated by David Cameron under wraps. 
In a letter published by the Mail on Sunday, Mr Hammond is accused of explicitly telling him: "This is not a public document so while I will draw on it tomorrow we should refrain from referring to it explicity in the session."
The leaked document, written by the legal aide to the European Council president Donald Tusk, gave advice that the new settlement for Britain would be legally binding as if it were enshrined in a new EU Treaty – and could not be overturned.

Eurosceptic Labour MP Kate Hoey, who saw Mr Hammond’s outburst, said to the newspaper: "It was totally uncalled for. As we walked out of the committee room during an adjournment, Bill bumped into Hammond and went to make polite small talk like the gentleman he is.

"He said something innocuous like “Everything OK, Foreign Secretary?” Hammond glared at him, got right up to Bill’s face and hissed, “No, it isn’t! I told you that document was ‘Limité’ [French for ‘restricted’] and that you were not to distribute it. You deliberately ignored me; you are a total s***!

"Bill was speechless, and Hammond stomped off. It is hardly an appropriate way for a Foreign Secretary to behave. He is clearly rattled."

It comes amid claims the Prime Minister has been warned of a plot to oust him following the EU referendum if he fails to put a stop to Tory in-fighting and sniping.

According to the Sunday Times ministers and senior backbenchers threatened a no-confidence vote unless Mr Cameron tones down attacks on Boris Johnson and other Eurosceptics.
Just 50 Tory MPs are needed to trigger a vote of no confidence in the leader - meaning just over a third of the 139 pro-Brexit Tory names would be needed to trigger a coup. A senior Tory MP told the newspaper: “Cameron's position will be untenable even if he wins the referendum if he carries on like this. There will be no problem getting 50 names.”

Will Cameron be able to stop being a bully-boy until the end of June?   I doubt it.

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Re: Tory infighting intensifies as David Cameron is warned of plot to oust him

Post by Angry Andy on Sun Feb 28, 2016 7:31 pm

Stormee wrote:I detest that scum Scamoron and his ilk but who do we have that we can trust to benefit the hoi polloi?????? which is us.
Or Hilary Benn.
Certainly no tories.
The first words they are taught as babies are lies.
It is indoctrinated in them from the minute their father's semen enters the womb.

I have never met a caring sharing and compassionate Tory.
Tories and far right wingers. All liars
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Re: Tory infighting intensifies as David Cameron is warned of plot to oust him

Post by nicko on Sun Feb 28, 2016 9:08 pm

Oh do put a sock in it Handy, what would you think if I said the best part of you dribbled down your Mothers leg? Nasty isn't it? THINK before you print.

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