Moms poke fun at parenting 'rules' in hilarious video

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Moms poke fun at parenting 'rules' in hilarious video Empty Moms poke fun at parenting 'rules' in hilarious video

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 21, 2016 6:10 pm

From trolling the internet to standing in line at the grocery store, the world is full of people who just love to share their strong opinions about parenthood. But the funny moms behind YouTube channel,The Breakwomb, have decided to trust their own instincts more, and pay less attention to the opinions of others.

The trio discusses all of their parenting failures, recounting times they mistakenly told their kids not to touch their own poop or accidentally praised them for finishing their dinner.
"I tried to teach Valerie right and left," says Erdman. "I completely forgot that when she reaches a certain age she can decide what's right and what's left, and now she can't even think for herself anymore."
By the end of the video, however, the moms decide to stop listening to the advice of others and to start trusting their own instincts.
Grano says the video is receiving an overwhelming response from viewers of the Breakwomb's Facebook page, something she attributes to the video tapping into feelings to which every parent can relate.
"We're all doing the best we can, and then you read in some blog post that you're doing it totally wrong. And not only are you doing it wrong — the fact that you're doing it wrong is going to have terrible, horrible, unimaginable repercussions for your kids. And it makes you feel terrible," Grano told TODAY Parents.
"We all are professional comedians," Grano continued. "So for us, it's a natural step to take all of our daily struggles and the emotional roller-coaster ride that is parenting — and turn it into comedy gold...doing these videos makes us laugh — and added bonus, it saves us huge money on therapy bills."


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