PA foreign ministry calls on the world to ban Jews from Temple Mount

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PA foreign ministry calls on the world to ban Jews from Temple Mount

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 17, 2016 1:23 pm

The hate rhetoric continues, as the PA's foreign ministry has called on the international community and Arab world to go beyond condemnations and work to ban Jews from  the Temple Mount.

In a statement released by the ministry, it says that "The foreign ministry condemns in the strongest terms incursions by Jewish extremists to the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

"It is required more than ever for an Arab, Islamic and international position beyond condemnation and denunciation to establish a real and effective international protection for the Palestinian people and their sanctities, and included in their rights to freedom of movement and access to places of worship."

Which means the complete denial of Jewish rights to access places of worship in Jerusalem. Banning Jews from visiting the site, the PA says, is mandatory under "international law, international humanitarian law, and the Geneva Conventions."

Of course, not too many international "human rights" organizations are defending the right of Jews to worship on the Temple Mount.

Every day there are news articles in Arabic complaining about Jews visiting the holy site. On Sunday, as most days, Jews were accused of performing those famous "Talmudic rituals".

Here is the video of that horror:

Richard Landes has an interesting post tying the relatively new Muslim obsession with the Temple Mount with Bart Simpson using this 1954 photo of the weed-strewn site.


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