Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured

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Report on Syria conflict finds 11.5% of population killed or injured

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 11, 2016 9:51 pm

Syria’s national wealth, infrastructure and institutions have been “almost obliterated” by the “catastrophic impact” of nearly five years of conflict, a new report has found. Fatalities caused by war, directly and indirectly, amount to 470,000, according to the Syrian Centre for Policy Research (SCPR) – a far higher total than the figure of 250,000 used by the United Nations until it stopped collecting statistics 18 months ago.

In all, 11.5% of the country’s population have been killed or injured since the crisis erupted in March 2011, the report estimates. The number of wounded is put at 1.9 million. Life expectancy has dropped from 70 in 2010 to 55.4 in 2015. Overall economic losses are estimated at $255bn (£175bn).

Russia offers ceasefire in Syria but US suspects ploy to crush rebels
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The stark account of the war’s toll came as warnings multiplied about Aleppo, Syria’s largest city, which is in danger of being cut off by a government advance aided by Russian airstrikes and Iranian militiamen. The Syrian opposition is demanding urgent action to relieve the suffering of tens of thousands of civilians.

The International Red Cross said on Wednesday that 50,000 people had fled the upsurge in fighting in the north, requiring urgent deliveries of food and water.

Talks in Munich on Thursday between the US secretary of state, John Kerry, and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, will be closely watched for any sign of an end to the deadly impasse. UN-brokered peace talks in Geneva are scheduled to resume in two weeks but are unlikely to do so without a significant shift of policy.

Speaking in London on Wednesday, an opposition spokesman, Salim al-Muslet, said President Barack Obama could stop the Russian attacks. “If he is willing to save our children it is really the time now to say ‘no’ to these strikes in Syria,” he said. The Washington Post reported that Moscow had sent a letter to Washington proposing to stop bombing on 1 March.

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Drone footage of Homs in Syria shows utter devastation in early February
Of the 470,000 war dead counted by the SCPR, about 400,000 were directly due to violence, while the remaining 70,000 fell victim to lack of adequate health services, medicine, especially for chronic diseases, lack of food, clean water, sanitation and proper housing, especially for those displaced within conflict zones.

Points to consider

1) This proves fundamentally the claim to western intervention through civilian collateral deaths, is a complete myth. This is because how can a Muslim ignore near half a million civilians deaths, many of which it is claimed many have happened as war crimes? This shows how its nothing at all over civilians deaths, as we should see the opposite reaction to millions of Muslims acting in anger over 5 years of death and destruction to take up arms to defeat ISIS, but we emphatically do not.

2) This shows why far more than anything that after 5 years we have in the west failed the country of Syria, just as we did Poland at the end of WW2. Churchill tried to fights his cornour but Roosevelt had already conceded political control of Poland to the USSR and Stalin. We have doen exactly the same thing here. Effective control has been seceded to Russia, Assad and Iran all of which have not made any warnings of their military air strikes, because that would surrender the element of surprise as Israel does by warning civilians. But its understood that on all sides countless war crimes have occurred and people are then going to tell me , now only with western help people are then drawn to ISIS? Which should be to take control of this and not allow it to get worse?

3) If its not civilian casualties or help as seen. Then  there is only and has always only be one reason for people being turned to extremist.

A narrative of hate against the west. So successful has this propaganda lie been in changing perceptions. you now firn no matter if moderate, Islamist, extremist, liberal Muslim, the vast majority believe and are led by these narratives of blame and hate. Now ISIS plays off the glorification of a warrior, give no quarter father figure to them and here is the catch to why they do fall for this. They either view Islam as waning in the world or think that Muslims have been fundamentally abandoned by their deity,. Because they showing all the hallmarks of a people who claims to have a way of life under threat. ISIS p[lays into the beginnings of Islam when Muhammad struggled in his conflict, as inspiration, that they can elevate the Islamic world. Yep its all horseshit, but its clearly fear based orr and fed off the narrative of fear and hate. That then turns a peace loving Muslim, to then think its acceptable to rape, enslave, persecute, murder etc.

4) This is why the core responsibility to end the extremist groups has to come from some honesty from the vast majority of Muslim. That they are already playing into a fear of the West, claiming being out to destroy Islam or take resources, all deemed criminal transgressions in Islam. That they have allowed themselves to be easily led and that the only way to do that, which is what ISIS is playing off and what the vast majority of the Muslim is not doing. Is having faith in their religion. Without the fear and lies that the west is out to destroy Islam etc, where then instead of believing this bullshit, that Muslims show unity. Where then their faith is not under threat. Will then you be able to diminish the propaganda and use of religious doctrine to the advantage of ISIS.. You take away their main attraction, hate and fear.

After 5 years we have fundamentally failed Syria, as we wrongly played a poor policy of appeasement  and not for the first time in history, did we get it utterly wrong. You do not appease fears and hate, you reason and challenge why those fears and hate are unfounded. That is why Muslims in the main have to stop buying into all this conspiracy and narrative of hate nonsense. By also fueling the same narrative as ISIS to dislikes, fears etc of the west. Then Muslims will continue to lose ground to extremist groups, as your core message has to be different. When its both fear, its just the same core message, only differing on how you deal or act with that


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