PMQs: David Cameron Mocks Labour Over 'Ludicrous' Trident Position

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PMQs: David Cameron Mocks Labour Over 'Ludicrous' Trident Position

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 10, 2016 3:35 pm

David Cameron today refused to rule out delaying a vote on Trident renewal until after Labour’s conference in October in a bid to exploit the opposition’s split on the issue. During this afternoon’s Prime Minster’s Questions, Mr Cameron mocked Shadow Defence Secretary Emily Thornberry for suggesting the UK’s nuclear deterrent was as outdated as Spitfires. To much laughter from his own benches, the Prime Minster read out a tweet from a Labour MP which said she needed to rest in a “darkened room” after Ms Thornberry's presentation on Trident on Monday evening. Tory MP Dr Julian Lewis tried to raise the issue above party politics, and called on Mr Cameron to push forward with a vote as soon as possible. r Lewis, who is chairman of the influential Defence Select Committee, said: "Given the fun that the Prime Minister had a moment ago at the Labour Party’s expense over a Trident successor, it must be tempting for him to put off the vote until Labour’s conference in October. “May I urge him to do the statesman-like thing and hold that vote as soon as possible because everybody is ready for it and everybody is expecting it.” The Prime Minister replied: “What we should do is have the vote when we need to have the vote and that is exactly what we will do, but no one should be in any doubt that this Government is going to press ahead with all the decisions that are necessary to replace in full our Trident submarines.”
Monday’s meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party saw Ms Thornberry, who was appointed Shadow Defence Secretary in last month’s reshuffle, heckled during her presentation on Trident.

Its a laugh a minute these days with Labour under Corbyn lol


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