The Jews Aren’t Using Mind Control On Me? Then Explain My Stupidty

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The Jews Aren’t Using Mind Control On Me? Then Explain My Stupidty

Post by Guest on Thu Jan 28, 2016 12:43 pm

By Duncan Lamaar, antisemitic conspiracy theorist

I’ve had it with you people who can’t see the reality staring them in the face. You keep living in your delusional world, until it comes crashing down and destroys your precious bubble of denial. A sober look at the facts demonstrates beyond doubt that some things can only be explained by the existence of a Jewish cabal to control our minds. Without that piece of the story, there;s no way to account for my lack of intelligence. I went to school just like everybody else. I sat through the same lessons, was forced to read the same books, watched the same TV shows – yet I remained, and still remain, as stupid as the day I nearly blew my hand off by using a cigarette lighter to defrost a bottle of deodorant I’d left outside overnight. Something sinister, something outside, is the only thing that provides a satisfactory explanation for my remaining a dullard. That something is the Jews.

They’re everywhere, or so it seems. In our entertainment. Our politics. Our finances. Our medical care. Our legal system. Oh, sure, everyone wants a Jewish doctor, but what if those doctors are injecting mind-control substances into my body to make me stupid, and prone to make ridiculous associations? Didn’t think of that, did you? Of course not. I do all sorts of things that make no sense until you realize I’m so stupid I must be under the control of some outside power bent on stifling or destroying me. When I spend hours upon hours watching YouTube clips of the 9/11 Truth movement, or when I avoid the use of public transportation because the Mossad is watching every bus and train, when those blocks of time could be used for something productive, such as seeing a doctor about this growth – well, whose fault do you think that is? As if I’m going to trust any doctors, who are in the pocket of Big Pharma, who are controlled by the Jewish bankers, who probably caused cancer in the first place with their chemtrails and poisoned water sources, just so they could have a pretext to infuse mind-control chemicals into my body under the guise of cancer treatment. If I were smarter I could make a more coherent argument, but I’m stupid, because the Jews control my brain and keep me that way.

The only way I can combat this is to indulge in conspiracy theories, which at lease allow me to feel smarter than everybody else, because I know what’s really happening while the rest of you supposedly “smart” folks are still in the dark. But that’s just what the Jews want, isn’t it? If I were smarter I could devise a way out of this trap, but the Jews are keeping me stupid.



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Re: The Jews Aren’t Using Mind Control On Me? Then Explain My Stupidty

Post by eddie on Thu Jan 28, 2016 5:19 pm

Yes he has a point.
Even whilst he mocks, he may well be right.
Who knows?

Perhaps he, is a Jew, trying to throw us off the scent......? Suspect

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