Pregnant woman moderately wounded in Tekoa stabbing

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Pregnant woman moderately wounded in Tekoa stabbing

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 18, 2016 12:57 pm

A teenage Palestinian terrorist on Monday stabbed a woman in the settlement of Tekoa, southeast of Jerusalem in the West Bank, moderately injuring her. The 15-year-old stabber was shot by an armed civilian after fleeing the scene, outside a clothing warehouse in the community. Although the IDF initially said he was dead, the army later amended its statement, saying he was evacuated to a hospital for treatment.

Magen David Adom paramedics reported they were called to treat the injured woman, Michal Froman, who suffered from wounds to her upper body. She is the daughter-in-law of the late Rabbi Menachem Froman, a former rabbi of the community who was known as a peace activist.
“On one of the streets in the settlement, we saw an approximately 30-year-old woman sitting in a car,” MDA paramedic Yoni Silman said. “She was fully conscious, after having been stabbed on the street.

Yesterday, an Arab terrorist entered the home of Dafna Meir and stabbed her repeatedly in front of her children, murdering her.

Today, a teenage Arab terrorist repeatedly stabbed a pregnant Jewish woman as she was working in a clothing warehouse, She was seriously wounded.

It appears that yesterday's attack energized the Palestinian youth to start a new trend - to attack women.

But as with all other trends, soon the people who justify all Palestinian atrocities will come up with reasons why these women are legitimate targets. They'll even try to say it is legal under international law. And others will eagerly share their bizarre reasons to justify their own hate.

In the end, it is simply Jew-hatred. But just as the people who persecuted Jews from Egyptian bondage through the Middle Ages through the Holocaust justified their Jew-hate as a noble cause, so do today's Jew-haters.

I recently saw a book that pretended to justify Palestinian suicide bombings - using psychological language. You can read portions [url= Making of a Palestinian Suicide Bomber By%3A Mitri I. musleh&f=false]here[/url], as the author - a Palestinian - disregards all facts and logic in his zeal to justify the most horrible crimes.

In short, according to these modern supporters of genocide, feeling oppressed justifies mass murder.. But when you add lots of footnotes, antisemites think that they now have a solid academic basis for their hate.

It is only a matter of time before we see justifications for targeting Jewish women.


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