Israel and South African Apartheid

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Israel and South African Apartheid

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 01, 2016 5:46 pm

Its a no brainer that Israel is not an Apartheid state and the reasoning behind such a false charge is no better than has been seen before where others have promoted lies to deligitimize Jews.

Israeli law provides far more rights to all its citizens, than Palestinians do under the Palestinian elected authority in Fatah and Hamas and not only that,  just about every single country in the region. Not only that as seen both Hamas and Fatah govern both areas. So the claim is made off based on no comparrison to South Africa, which was one nation. Israel does not occupy Gaza and in the West Bank as part of the Olso accord II, Israel remains in control of security for all the West bank but maninly is within area C of the West Bank, where the Palestinian Police maintain security for areas A and B. Now this Oslo accord was meant to lead on to the "Road Map for peace". Now Hamas rejected this and the second Intifada started. Leaving it inpossible for either side to reach a conclusion to resolution 242, which would have seen the withdrawl of all Israeli troops from the West Bank area A. Resolution 242 and Article 51 of the UN Charter. makes it perfectly legal for Israeli troops to remian within the West Bank and until they have have gurantees of peace, which will never happen whilst Fatah and  Hamas are in power, the status quo will continue. So the bases for the Apartheid is security measures like road blocks, which is again a no brainer considering Israel has not had a single year without attacks made against it. Neither Fatah or Hamas has held elections since they were voted into power and now Totalitarian regemes exist governing both the West Bank and Gaza. Even though I am against the settlements are also legal.

Israel's presence there remains entirely legal. And as only Israeli armed forces will be required to withdraw in the event that such boundaries are created, the presence of Israeli settlements there will remain legal under the terms of the original League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, which stipulates that there should be close Jewish settlement in all areas. Those Mandate provisions were incorporated into UN Resolution 181, which called for the establishment of a Jewish and an Arab state.

So if the Palestinians do not like the current situation, i suggest they look to remove the two continual stumbling blocks, that by their own self political interests have thwarted the chances so far to bring peace, from a conflict that has waged ever since they aggressively started a civil war in 1947. Demand new electiomns to remove both Fatah and hamas who do not have the interest of the Palestinians needs at all.  Israel needs also a Liberal Government, but an army of occupation in certain areas, is not a bases to then make an absurd claim to the Apartheid system in South Africa.. The reason it is falsified is for the plain simple reason the legal position of Israel is concrete, thus making others falsify a claim, to promote a view of hate against Israel to the point of swaying every nation to the point Israel is on its own. So Hamas has to be fundementally removed for any chance of their ever being peace, as they do not recognise Israel. The following are key, for there to be any chance of peace. From their stand point, they were attacked from the very moment the UN approved the partition plan, to the point, countless Arab nations later started a war against Israel with the sole intent on wiping it out and erazing it from the map. Israel if peace and conditions are met, Israel should withdraw from the settlements in the West Banlk. Then finally are thee withdrawl of the British from the region, borders can be drawn to define each state.

The Palestinians will dismantle the (PA's) security organizations and reform the structures;
The Palestinians must cease violence and incitement and educate for peace;
The Palestinians must complete the dismantling of Hamas and other militant groups and their infrastructure, and collect and destroy all illegal weapons;

None of the above has ever happened.[/i]


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