House of Lords Introduces New Game called Dodge the Questions

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House of Lords Introduces New Game called Dodge the Questions

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 28, 2015 10:35 am

Here is the link to the discussion had on extremism

“To ask Her Majesty’s Government whether, as part of their antiterrorism strategy, they will encourage leaders of the United Kingdom’s Muslim communities to identify, confront and expose their violent co-religionists.”
Does the noble Lord agree that our Muslim leaders also face the problem that there are more than 100 verses in the Koran which order violence towards non-Muslims and so give theological justification to the jihadists? What does the noble Lord have to say about those verses, not to mention the bellicose example of Muhammad himself, which all Muslims are supposed to follow and which therefore undermine the Government’s strategy?

Now I am no fan of UKIP and no doubt many of his views, but he did raise to me at least in his first questions, raise justified concern. As we know of the following information and even more concerning the links to the Muslim Brotherhood.

Prevent programme ‘lacking referrals from Muslim community’
Only a fraction of referrals to the government’s anti-terror scheme are coming from Muslims, leading to distrust and threats of a boycott, according to reports

This is problematic, where if as we are being told Muslims leaders are aginst extremism and terrorism, there should be no reason why thwy should not all be working with the Governemnt and prevent to help combat extremism. We know some have been as around 10 percent of refferals have come from the Muslim community. But and its a big but where many have been vocal against the project is clearly then justified to raise this important question, which fundementally  every other Lord did their best to fundementally avoid. Near 3000 referrals in the first 6 months is very problematic also and we need to stop denying there is a problem  and that a substnacial number of Muslims follow an extreme form of Islam which completely conflicts with the well being and equality of others. Not only that but they further fuel the problem of anti-Muslim rhetoric and are a major problem for the rest of the Muslims as well. So it makes sense for many Muslimns to get on baord with this program to help deal with extremism. So we shouold be challenging many religious leaders, why they are either usinhg poor victimhood status wrongly claiminng being stigmatized, as there is a problem with extremism in this country, or they are very much complicit to the actual problem itself. Playing the victim card will not help the problem as we know the majority of Muslim are not extremists. It is the ones who are that we need to identity and use prevent strategies for. So there should be no reason to be against this, as the onluy reason would be to protect those who hold extreme views. That is why Muslim religious leaders are best plaaced to help here, which is why its very relevant to question why more is not being done by them.


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