.Religion has been causing conflict for over 2,000 years, say scientists

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.Religion has been causing conflict for over 2,000 years, say scientists

Post by Guest on Wed Dec 23, 2015 1:39 pm

Religious conflict has been dividing human society for more than 2,000 years, scientists say. A new anthropological study of several Mexican archaeological sites dating back to 700BC has appeared to contradict a long-held belief that religion united early state societies. In fact, researchers from the University of Colorado and the University of Central Florida believe it may have had the opposite effect. After several years of field research in the Rio Verde valley and the Valley of Oaxaca on Mexico’s Pacific coast, Professor Arthur A.Joyce and Associate Professor Sarah Barber found that local religious rituals helped to forge strong small scale community links which delayed the development of large state institutions.  In the period they were studying - from approximately 700BC to 250AD - they found elites came to dominate religious life and controlled the connection between communities and their gods - leading to conflict with traditional community leaders. 


"OMG, they cannot say that, its religionophobic."

Well its a no brainer really. and the worst are the ones that deal in absolutes that make non-belief or belief to another deity out to be a henious crime. Not only this you have a defense mechanism in the beleif system, which also criminalizes criticism the belief system, called Blasphemy.
How many people throughout the centuries in both Christianity and Islam have been butchered for having a point of view or not even a point of view. This is one of the major problems, where it creates a religious form of racism,, with non-believies criminalized.

Oddly enough the regressives also want to crminalise ridicule and criticism of beliefs.
I mean if I ridicule the KKK belief system, does that make me a Klu Klux Klanophobic?
This ts the problem with the regressives, they view wrongly what is discrmination.
If you deny the equal and humans rights of an individual, based on their gender, sexuality, disability, belief system etc, then that is discrmination
It does not matter what people believe as long as they do not effect rthe well being and equality of others.
And if people get upset over beliefs they hold, whether they be political, relifgious etc, then there is something very wrong with that belief system or what it teaches.


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