The IDF is the most ethical army in world, say military experts

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The IDF is the most ethical army in world, say military experts

Post by Guest on Mon Dec 21, 2015 9:15 am

As well as stating that Israel operated "within the parameters of the Law of Armed Conflict" and had "in some respects exceeded the highest standards we set for our own nations' militaries", the group unanimously agreed that the military response was reasonable.

"No country would accept the threat against its civilian population that these rockets present to Israeli population centres," the report said. "Israel's efforts were entirely justified, appropriately conceived and lawfully carried out, and necessary in the defence of that country's national security." The HLMG, which included the previous chairman of Nato's Military Committee, Klaus Naumann, condemned Hamas for "flagrantly disregarding" international laws and committing "war crimes … such as the summary execution of those it accused of collaborating with Israel".

They found that "the entire military machinery of Hamas was embedded in civilian locations, private homes and a plethora of sensitive sites such as medical facilities, mosques and schools", and that this amounted to a strategy aimed at damaging Israel's international reputation. To this end, "Hamas actively sought the death of its own citizens [and] conducted a highly effective information campaign which included coercion of Gaza-based journalists". The group placed blame for the thousands of casualties on Hamas, stating that the "terrorist-army hybrid" formed by the Gazan governing party "broke every single ceasefire during the conflict, whether official or humanitarian.

Graph showing rocket launches from Gaza into Israel between 2001-2014
"The vast majority of casualties could have been avoided had Hamas heeded Israel's repeated appeals through third party intermediaries prior and during the conflict to de-escalate." HLMG rapporteur Davis Lewin said many in the group even feared that Israel had created an unrealistically high standard for protecting civilians.

"Some of the precautions were so extensive they worried that they could become norms in international law in terms of having to fight their own battles elsewhere." He said that the report, the first of three examining wars between democratic armies and groups which "don't respect life or armed conflict laws", was collated with the aim of going beyond the UN and the media's reactions to the conflict.

The UN Independent Commission of Inquiry report, he said, was "frankly illiterate about warfare and international law. It was an utterly unacceptable, weaponised effort of ideologically motivated people in the UN to damage Israel and therefore damage the West. "There are stipulations in there which not even an amateur would accept as being necessary, particularly their claim that Israel should reveal all their intelligence for the UN to assess whether each individual strike was a crime or not. No military and no democratic nation would take that seriously."

He called the media's coverage "entirely predictable and deeply problematic", adding that "it displayed a high degree of bias, doing a deep disservice not only to peace but also to the interests of democratic nations by misrepresenting an unprecedented effort to uphold the legality and morality of war against these enemies." He added that the West could learn lessons from the report to use in its war against Daesh, as "the Israelis are probably the leading experts in urban warfare in terms of protecting civilians and trying to root out the terrorists embedded among them."

However, Mr Lewin warned that "the West could not hope to emulate the precautions Israel brought to bear. "The West doesn't have the capabilities to not kill civilians - they don't have the phone numbers of people in Raqqa to call or text them warnings like Israel did with people in Gaza." He also said it was crucial for democratic nations to take control of "the narratives around the conflict, ensuring an accurate narrative on the part of any democratic army fighting an enemy of this kind."

With so much staggering evidence that proves conclusivelly that Hamas are responsible for the vast majority of Civillians deaths in every single conflict they activelly seek to start through aggression. Proves how disgusting and immoral Hamas is. Again how much more evidence do the lefties need, before they are going to condemn them? When are they going to understand that group, that invests in offensive military capabilities and nothing defensive, which could reduce the loss of civillian life, like constructing bomb shelts. Where they demand people remain after being warned of an attack by Israel. Which is placing the civllians of Gaza of lesser value, than the rockets they are being askled to protect by use of human shields. When are hte lefties going to get it into their thick heads, that these conflicts are instigated for the sole purpose to create, cause and ensure many Civillians in Gaza die, for one sole purpose.

To falsely promote through PR victim status, to something they have engineered to happen themselves.

They know they have no chance of defeating Israel in a conventional war. So they deliberately attack Israel, keep the conflict going until there is a a significant number of causalties, ensuring that any injuries or fatalies is given prime PR priority. Its fools many in the world to believe wrongly that Israel has targeted children. Everytime they win this PR battle, because as seen the press also are clueles to the immoral methods and intentions of Hamas. All you have to do is look at how one side Israel will even free convicted terrorists and murderers, just to exchange for the safe retuirn of a captured IDF soldier. This is the lenghs Israel goes to in placing the value of human life with its own population. Yet as seen with Hamas, it places no value on human life, as they fundementally view dead Palestinian children of higher value than of living Palestinian children. As seen Hamas exploits the death of children, to garner sympathy for its organisation and hate directed at Israel. Thus dead Palestinian children are deemed far more important than the living ones to Hamas. As i say the evidence is damning, if you care for you civillians, you do everything possible to minimise civillian casulties by investing in defensive capabilities and places of refuge and safety for your civillians.

Hamas invest vastly in offensive capabilities and only seeks to protect its fighters, who can seek refuge in the tunnels they build to smuggle in offensive weaponary. That in itself shows and proves how little Hamas places on the lives of the Palestinian people. Its time those on the left who support this group, which has vowed to wipe Israel off the face of the earth, has no intention of coming to peace with Israel or a two state solution, start actually condemning them and not keep coming out with the most pathetic appeasement and excuses.


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