‘Fake threat email’ Tory MP could face legal action over late-night Facebook rant

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‘Fake threat email’ Tory MP could face legal action over late-night Facebook rant

Post by sassy on Wed Dec 16, 2015 1:55 pm


A Tory MP who apologised after fabricating an email containing a death threat could face legal action as a result of social media outbursts — including her latest late-night Facebook rant.

In a lengthy five-paragraph diatribe, Telford MP Lucy Allan ‘named and shamed’ a number of local councillors, accusing them of a two-year campaign of “fear, smear, lies, threats, slurs and abuse”. She also claimed that a councillor’s son was “a stalker” — not an allegation to make lightly.

Allan has now deleted her Facebook page and apparently quit Twitter — despite publishing a ‘contract’ with her constituents stating she will “continue to be accessible to you via social media”.

And the row could yet hit the courts — with a local political source telling Scrapbook that:
“All options — including legal action — are on the table.”
This one could yet get quite expensive.


Serve her right if they do, she added a to a constituents post to make it look as if he was threatening her, she's a total nutter.

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