Pregnant Mother Thanks Theif who Burgled her Family Home

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Pregnant Mother Thanks Theif who Burgled her Family Home

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:29 pm

A pregnant mother-of-one has written an open 'thank you' letter to the burglar who raided her home.
Alexandra Mahjouri from Derby said the awful event, which happened in broad daylight on Sunday 7 December, made her realise material items aren't worth her tears and helped her see the real importance of family and Christmas.
The mum said the burglar had "literally taken everything they could" from expensive items to sentimental ones, and nearly all her son's Christmas presents.

She wrote: "I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for taking our televisions, it means we've talked more as a family. "Thank you for making me realise we as a family are safe and unharmed and that's the most important thing. Things could have ended a whole lot worse." Mahjouri continued: "Thank you for making me realise how much of an amazing support network we have around us - people who have rang, messaged us, and come round to help and to comfort us.

"Thank you for making me see the real importance of Christmas, spending time with loved ones and the whole imagination Christmas brings to children."As I'm sat shaking and worrying, thankfully we have managed to fool my little boy that buddy the elf and Disney his cat made the mess and took his things and have hidden them so we've got to try and find them. "Knowing he doesn't have a clue that you ransacked our house, including his bedroom, gives me some sense of satisfaction. "Knowing that grown adults stole a four-year-old boy's money box that he has saved every penny he's been given over the years in makes me hope you've put that money to really good use.

"Spend it on your children - my son wanted to buy a sad little boy who doesn't have any presents something for Christmas out of it." Mahjouri said the burglars left one of her son's Christmas presents, which was a SpongeBob Square Pants iPad mini case - something that is of no use to him anymore without an iPad. But aside from the Christmas presents, TVs and electronics, Mahjouri said what really hurt was the jewellery they took that belonged to her dad, who died six years ago.


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Re: Pregnant Mother Thanks Theif who Burgled her Family Home

Post by eddie on Fri Dec 11, 2015 6:32 pm

Even if the burglar reads that I bet he doesn't care, heartless bastard.

Disney is a great name for a cat though.

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