Some Arab Reactions To This Morning’s Terror Attack

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Some Arab Reactions To This Morning’s Terror Attack

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 24, 2015 10:07 am

As I posted earlier, this morning’s terror attack outside Mahane Yehuda resulted in the stabbing of a 70-year-old palestinian man. Here is his reaction:
The wounded Palestinian, Yussuf Alharoub, told Ynet: “I thank God it ended this way. What happened was a matter of fate. Both the Jews and the Palestinians are suffering because of what’s happening now and no one benefits.”
And this also happened today:
An Arab women in her fifties who passed by near the scene of a terror attack in Jerusalem today says she is “very angry at the bullshit they do here to the Jews.”
Hawala Jaber, a resident of Um al Fahm, has been working in Jewish homes for many years, says veteran Channel 2 reporter Moshe Nussbaum. Speaking decent Hebrew tinged with a heavy Arabic accent, Jaber speaks to Nussbaum a mere hour after two Palestinian girls attacked a Palestinian elderly man with scissors and were shot. A security guard was wounded by shrapnel. One of the attackers was killed at the scene. She tells Nussbaum:

We live here together, we are all flesh and we are all blood. Under the blood, there is no such thing, Arab or Jew. It is all nonsense, we all live together. In the Old City you have Jews here and Arabs here and just a road between them. All our lives we live together. Jaber criticizes the terrorists. “Crazies, no brain. They must be giving them pills that make their heads turn,” she speculates aloud. —-
As the Channel 2 crew continues filming, the scene turns surreal in a way characterizing better than any analysis the reality of life in Israel. Two young female soldiers who were nearby spontaneously erupt in a traditional song to boost morale. The lyrics: “The eternal nation is not afraid, not afraid of the long road ahead.” A civilian joins them and they start dancing in a circle; he then grabs Mrs. Jaber, who joins them in the dance.

We keep seeing vile reactions from palestinians and Arabs, so it is important to point these types of reactions out, and realize the terrorists are also enemies of the average, decent palestinian and Israeli Arab.


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