WATCH: PA official praises toddler son for wanting to kill ‘Zionists’

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WATCH: PA official praises toddler son for wanting to kill ‘Zionists’

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:29 am

Tawfiq Tirawi recounts that he heard his 2-year-old singing: ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists’. A senior Palestinian Authority official praised his two-year-old son for expressing his desire to kill “Zionists” in a children’s song lauding martyrdom.  n an interview on a PA television station, Fatah’s Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi proudly recounted how his toddler son sang “Escort the Martyr to ‎his wedding.”

“Today his mother told me that he sang: ‘Daddy, buy me a machine gun and a rifle, so that I will defeat Israel and the Zionists,'” Tirawi said, boasting that his son was “not yet three!” While Tirawi admitted that his toddler did not know the the meaning of the song, he said such sentiments were a natural expression of Palestinian nationalism. “The Palestinian by nature and education feels a sense of belonging to the land and the homeland,” he explained.

How many more times are we going to see countless evidence of an institional system that teaches hate to Jews, denies Israel's existance, claiming all land is occupied. It is nothimg more than a child abuse on a national scale and why we continue to see year after year attacks on Israel. How can there ever hope to be peace when the Palestinian authorities back teaching racial hatred of Jews and sanction child abuse. The poor excuses claiming that many Palestinians are attempting to murder Jews, because they have no hope there will be a two state solution is nothing more than a smoke screen, for the fundemnetal reason it is simply hate of Jews. 4 times there could have been the creation of a Palestinian state and 4 times the Palestinian authorities have rejected peace and a recognised state. 67 years go they refused to allow Jews to have self determination, where a minority can form its own nation from former empires or nations. We have seen countless minority groups form nations from former Empires been created from Bosnia, to Ukraine countless African nations, Indian, Pakistan, many Arab countries. The list is endless and only one nation Israel has had to fight for its very existance for every year since it was created. I mean ask yourself and look at the number of countries created and even if some had war, peace has followed after and yet at every turn countless Muslims argue against the right of Israel to exist, why?

Why is it that where they were former conquerers of these lands, they would rather deny peace and being able to have peaceful neighbour nations and use again Islam to justify their terrorist attacks, glorify suicide bombers and murderers of civillians, including women and children. Based off a racist belief that deligitimizes Jews as sub human, just as the nazis alo deligitimized them, in order to justify and make acceptable murdering Jews. They use many of the same arguments that the Nazi's used to deligitimise them as a people and thus denying them their fundemental human rights. We have arguments that claim the Jews are out for world domination, control the Governements, banking conspiracies, money conspiracies. The Palestinians claim victim status to a war they started that has continued basically for the last 67 years. If they had accepted Israels right to exist, no Jews or Palestinians were have been displaced in the hundreds of thousands. Thousands would not have died. Yes Israel also does wrong, the settlements are wrong, but if being in their shoes knowing that generation are generation of Palestinians are being indoctrinaed to hate you, would you then in their position view any hope of peace impossible?

I am sure most would view that it would be impossible for peace if a system teaches right through from when Palestinans are toddlers to hate Jews and think the Land of Israel is occupied. Yet at every turn it has been Israel that has reached out for peace and still does. Offers concessions to land in any other war pre-1967 they would have been legally able to annex land from territories won in conflcits where were attacked by aggressors. Resolution 242 was intrdocued to counter that, though being as even when it was introduced the Palestians refused to agree to it because they would have to accept the state of Israel to exist. Only in the Oslo peace accord, did they make partial agreements. So when looking at this conflict, So whilst I can condemn israel for wrongs, which it has done and still does, with things like the settlements, so real honest is needed when it comes to how at every turn it is the Palestinian authorities that has spurned every chance of having lasting peace. Have due to refusing these agreements, by actually thius refusing to recognise Israel's right to exist. Thrown away four opportunities for the creation of a Palestinian state. Now come on, but its not rocket science this that the conflict is continue more so from one side the through the policies of Hamas, Fatah and the PLO. If the Palestinians new the real truth and not the distorted lies and hate promoted about  Israel and Jews. they would rightly direct their anger at the Political groups of hamas, Fatah and the PLO as to why it is these groups who at every turn have fundementally let the Palestinian people down at every turn and it is they who have denied them at every turn having a Palestinian nation. All it would have taken is to agree a treaty which would have seen israel withdraw many Settlements, though not all. But its not the settlements, or Jerusalem or an Mosque that stops the Palestinian authorities to sign and back a  peace treaty. Its the nation of Israel being allowed to exist, of which they object to and why they continue to deny both the Palestinians and Israels any chance of peace

Evidence of many TV shows, Palestinian authorities, school books, ect for people to see themselves the industrial program that teaches generation after generation to continue to hate Jews

NATAN SHARANSKY’s timing was perfect. On January 25, Sharansky, the ex-Soviet dissident and current Israeli cabinet member, presented a detailed report on the Palestinian Authority’s promotion of Antisemitism and genocide in its official media. He did so amidst the 60th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and Israel’s National Day Against Antisemitism.
A day later, one of the co-authors of the report, Itamar Marcus, explained his findings to foreign diplomats in the Israeli parliament. The disturbing report compiled by the Palestinian Media Watch, titled “Kill a Jew-Go To Heaven,” illuminates what Sharansky calls the PA’s “culture of hatred.” After Marcus delivered his briefing, Sharansky seized on the Auschwitz anniversary in a statement to reporters, declaring that Antisemitic propaganda poisons Palestinian society as it once did in Nazi Germany.
Is that an exaggeration? Not after perusing “Kill a Jew-Go to Heaven.” The 20-page report outlines the three phases of Antisemitism found in various PA-run media, including newspapers, radio, crossword puzzles, political cartoons, and school textbooks.
The first phase depicts Jews as subhuman. “The foundation stage defines Jews and presents them as different from others, possessing inherently evil traits,” the report explains. This hatred is even disseminated to children. “Treachery and disloyalty are character traits of the Jews and therefore one should be aware of them,” the Palestinian textbook Islamic Education for Ninth Grade says.
When such content was brought to the PA’s attention in 1999, the U.S. government offered to fund the reprinting of that book and others. But the PA refused. The report also contains 20 segments from interviews with various individuals on Palestinian television who compare Jews to animals.
Jewish traditions are maligned in this phase as well. A PA daily newspaper, while blaming the drug problem in the PA on Israel, ran a cartoon of the Jewish menorah, replacing the seven flames with seven syringes.
The second phase portrays Jews as a threat to the existence of Palestinians in particular and the Arab world in general. “[The second] phase shows that these traits are not a private Jewish matter, but have ramifications for the entire world,” the report reads. “…Jews are planning and executing heinous crimes. If unchecked these crimes constitute a mortal danger, not only to all Muslims and Arabs, but to all of humanity.”
This phase also teaches that Jews control all media, which “they learned from the protocols of the elders of Zion,” as one Palestinian newspaper wrote. It is also taught that murder is a part of the Jewish religion and Jews are responsible for all catastrophes on Earth. Most recently, Jews were blamed for the Indian Ocean tsunami.
Particularly disturbing are references to the Holocaust. The Al Hayat Al Jadida newspaper has blamed Jews for starting the Second World War and the Holocaust. One children’s musical that ran on PA television last May claimed that the Jews built ovens during the Holocaust to kill Palestinians.
The third phase involves eliminating the threat of Jews by genocide. The PA promotes this as being both an act of self-preservation and for the good of the Arab world. “Kill them all, we won’t leave a single Jew here,” a Palestinian girl told PA TV in October 2000.

"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin,
or his background, or his religion. People must learn to hate,
and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love,
for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite."
[Nelson Mandela, Long Walk to Freedom, Autobiography (1994)]
Peace begins with education. Palestinian Media Watch has researched the Palestinian Authority's education to determine to what extent peace is promoted by the structures the PA controls and/or funds. This report reviews the names of Palestinian schools, school activities, and examines public statements by educators and Ministry of Education officials. The report likewise evaluates to what extent PA schoolbooks, educational TV, and a PA-funded children's magazine promote or undermine peace.
Tragically, the Palestinian Authority under the leadership of Mahmoud Abbas is doing exactly what Mandela warned against: The PA is teaching its children to hate. The PA and the politically dominant Fatah movement that is also headed by Abbas, teach Palestinian children through their official communication structures that Jews and Israelis possess inherently evil character traits. Fighting them is therefore said to be heroic and even Allah's will. Terrorists who have murdered dozens of Israeli civilians are said to be national heroes and Islamic Martyrs.
Common PA hate messages include:

  • Israel has no right to exist
  • Israel will disappear and be replaced by "Palestine"
  • Violence - "armed struggle" - is legitimate to fight Israel
  • Muslims must fight an eternal Islamic war against Israel
  • Killers of Israelis are heroes and role models
  • Martyrdom-death for Allah is the utmost honor

Children recited poems on official PA TV children's educational programs in recent years with the following messages:

  • Jews are "monkeys and pigs"
  • Jews are "enemies of Allah"
  • Jews are "most evil of creations"
  • Zion is "Satan with a tail"

When children repeat these hate messages they are not corrected by the moderators of the children's programs, instead TV hosts often give them prominence and even applaud them. When a boy told a PA TV news reporter that he had learned in school to "fight the Jews and kill them" his statement was included in the PA TV evening new report without comment or contradiction. (See Chapter 4.)
Hitler has been honored by some Palestinian schools and a PA-funded educational magazine, and the PA has named dozens of schools after terrorist murderers of civilians and one school was named after a Nazi collaborator and war criminal responsible for the deaths of thousands of civilians.
While all this hatred is being imbedded in the minds of Palestinian children, peacebuilding contacts between Israeli and Palestinian youth are prohibited by the PA. These person to person contacts between the youth are condemned as "normalization" and the head of the PA's Council for Sport and Youth Affairs actually denounced a successful peacebuilding event as "a crime against humanity."
Tragically, Palestinian children are exposed to all of these messages, not from Hamas or fringe groups, but from official PA sources. This report documents this world of hate orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority through the educational structures under its direct control.
It is the hope of the authors, that this report will generate discussion and introspection on the part of the Palestinian Authority, which will lead to a change of direction and the creation of peace promoting educational frameworks.


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Re: WATCH: PA official praises toddler son for wanting to kill ‘Zionists’

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 7:55 am

Now did not someone start a thread trying to again deligitimize both Israel and jews by comparing them to ISIS?
Need I say more on the problem which is world wide that has many Muslim deny the existance of Israel and even worse equate Israel to ISIS when it is the Palestinian authoorities and leaders that have comparable aspects from islam. Martydom, glorifying terrorism, deligitimising groups of people (Jews, Christians, Druze, Muslims classed as infidels etc)  to normalise murdering them. Use religious doctrine to teach hate and racism about groups and to incite violence, which can lead and does lead to innocent people dying. Placing Islam a belief that has zero evidence to its deity above all the human rights and equalities of others. Each deny the right of groups and people to exist and live in nations. Both Hamas and ISIS use human shields in conflicts, and place the value of human life as secondary to death itself and an afterlife again of which there is no evidence of. Both have no intention and have never had the intention of coming to peace.

I think its about time the Palestinian authorities stopped denying the Palestinian people a brighter future. Onw which has a nation state for them, peace with israel and co-existance between the two states. Its not going to happen when from the easiliest ages the vast majority of Palestinians are indoctrinated with hate against Israel, Zionism and Jews. Peace is not going to ever happened, when they continue to deligitimize the Jewish where they wrongly justify murder as legitimate.

If only the Palestinian people over many generations had known the truth about how they have been constantly fed hate, indoctrainted and lied to. They would have no doubt called for Hamas, fatah and the PLO to hold elections and step down from power.


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