This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020

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This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020 Empty Re: This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:37 am

Holy crap on a cracker.
Now its fundementally paranoid wackadoodle conspiracies above, that are also a major problem tackling extremism, because they provide an outlet for people to excuse the real problems with actual terrorism. Instead a narrative is invented off some of the weakest associations and conicidences going and basicaly lots of assumptions, fabrications and some outright complete lies.

All I want to know is exactly how much research people do on any of these claims, as they clearly just go off what the conspriacist says, and fail to be objective and look and what else is said. Just as religious people should apply the Outsiders test to their own faith, they should apply the same to any conspiracy theory, as this allows for the most impartial position. As again many of the wild conspiracy theories are just like religions, based on faith more than anything else.

So those religious and into onspiracies should apply the following test:

How to take the Outsider Test

Even if it isn’t totally original, I like Loftus’ way of putting the Outsider Test because it’s a test that religious believers can apply to their beliefs. (As far as I know, Loftus is the first person to frame it that way, though Bertrand Russell suggested something similar for political beliefs) [a].

At this point, some believers reading this will have already started thinking about the reasons why their religion is better than anybody else’s religion. This is where I think there needs to be a second step to the Outsider Test for Faith, where you also evaluate defenses of your religious beliefs as if you were an outsider.

For example, among evangelicals it’s popular to claim the resurrection of Jesus can be proven with historical evidence. Now, part of the reason some Christians find this compelling is that they don’t know anything about biblical scholarship, and they’ve been misled about biblical scholarship by professional defenders of the faith. That’s something I’ll deal with in a future chapter. But part of the reason some Christians find that compelling is that they never bothered to ask themselves, “would I think this ‘evidence’ was good evidence if it were presented in favor of the truth of some other religion?”

So the way you refute your own religion in three easy steps is this: first, think of your religious beliefs, and think of what you would think of them if you hadn’t been brought up with them. Second, some argument or other about how your religion is special is going to come to mind, and what you do then is ask yourself if you would find a similar argument convincing if it were presented in defense of some other religion. Third, move on to the next argument you think up, and repeat the process, and just keep repeating the process until you run out of arguments.

This may not quite be all you need to do to see why your own religion is false, but I find that nine times out of ten, the arguments religious believers give to defend their religion can be refuted just by pointing out that they wouldn’t find that argument convincing if a member of any other religion gave it.

Also, I can’t force anyone to adopt this perspective of trying to objectively evaluate their own religion. If you look at the Outsider Test for Faith, and think to yourself, “nah, and is going to stick with the religion I’ve got, whether or not I’ve got a good reason for sticking with it,” there isn’t much I can say to you. But I think there’s still one thing I can ask of you: please be understanding of atheists who don’t think very highly of your religion, because all they’re doing is looking at your religion the way you look at everybody else’s religion.


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This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020 Empty Re: This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 12:53 am


  • What is the “Global Domination Agenda”?
  • The Central Assumption Behind The Theory.
  • A diagram: the “Global Domination Agenda” and its logical links.
  • Example One: “The GDE deliberately created the global economic crisis!”
  • Example Two: “George H.W. Bush said he was instituting the New World Order!”
  • Example Three: “But the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission are real! You can’t claim they don’t exist!”
  • Mistaking Political/Economic Power or Social Status for “Evidence” of GDE.
  • A Logic Game: The Neighborhood Watch.
  • Questions Believers in “Global Domination Agenda” Should Ask Themselves.
  • So if there’s no GDE and the “Global Domination Agenda” doesn’t exist, who does rule the world?
  • You call this a “debunking”? You haven’t disproved the Global Domination Agenda at all!
  • Conclusion

Lots to read an understand the mindset of this group and have posted the last two parts

You call this a “debunking”? You haven’t disproved the Global Domination Agenda at all!

It is true, I have not disproven the existence of the “Global Domination Agenda.” But I am not required to do that.

You are required, if you believe in the “Global Domination Agenda,” to prove that it exists—not the other way around. Until you can prove that it does exist, it is not rational to believe in it. That is why this article is an effective debunking, because in it I’ve stated why the “Global Domination Agenda” is not worthy of belief.

The facts as we know them indicate that Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb. The conclusion that Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb is entirely consistent with what we know about the world around us. If we come upon a monument in New York City with an inscription reading “Here Lies Ulysses Grant,” it would be entirely rational to conclude, just by what we know about how funerals, cemeteries and graveyards work in the real world, that most likely Ulysses Grant is buried beneath that stone.

If you claim that Lincoln is buried in Grant’s Tomb, the burden of proof is on you to demonstrate that this is true. You don’t get to believe that Lincoln is buried in Grant’s Tomb simply because you want to, and because, short of getting a bulldozer and a crowbar and cracking open the tomb and the coffin of the person buried inside, I can’t disprove that Lincoln is buried there. I can show you evidence, eyewitness accounts of Grant’s funeral, perhaps a document from his undertaker and the man who built the tomb stating that, yes, in fact Ulysses Grant is buried there. If you continue to insist that Lincoln is buried there, don’t be surprised, if you produce no further proof, that everyone else continues to accept what has been indicated as true—that Grant is buried in Grant’s Tomb.

I do not expect conspiracy theorists to be persuaded by this logic. I do, however, expect that maybe one or two rational people out there will begin to ask questions about whether the existence of the “Global Domination Agenda” is really as self-evident as it seems.


The Thrive movie’s claims of a “Global Domination Agenda” are based solely on an assumption that is self-reinforcing. Believers in this conspiracy theory will typically never, under any circumstances, even question the validity of the assumption. Once convinced of its veracity, strangely nearly everything they see in the world seems to look like “evidence” supporting the assumption, when in fact it is not.

I am not required to disprove the existence of the “Global Domination Agenda.” It is up to the believers to prove it exists.

There is no evidence that the “Global Domination Agenda” exists. Therefore, the “Global Domination Agenda” does not exist.


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This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020 Empty Re: This War to Unite Muslims & Christians will end by 2020

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 21, 2015 1:03 am

Also the predictions have not come true, in fact the opposite

Third stage, "Arising and Standing Up"Edit

Al-Qaeda would begin focusing its energies on attacking the secular governments in Syria and Turkey and also against Israel until 2010
Fourth stage, "Toppling the regimes"Edit

Continuous weakening of American strength in the Middle East while also causing the capitulation of governments across the Arab world.

Al Qaeda has never been able to attack Israel, because its security system is about the best in the world. There has been not one single Arab Goverment that has capitulated by the above timeframe, so he is wrong. Also Al-Qaeda has become a shadow of its former self. It never played any part in the Arab spring and did not commit any terrorist acts before the civil war in Syria which started in 2011. As they never focused any energy in Syria or against Israel but still against Iraq and Afghanistan. So just about every prediction there was wrong and none of the claims up until 2010 have happened.

I laughed at the next predictions. Which are clearly delusional and a pipe dream:

Fifth stage, "Declaration of Caliphate"
Fifth stage, "Declaration of Caliphate"Edit

From 2013 to 2016, Hussein said the Islamic movement would have shifted the balance of power in the Middle East away from the West and Israel, and the Islamists would be supported by new allies such as China. In this environment a new caliphate will be established.[2] Al Qaeda, he wrote, also expected the Americans to go after Iran’s principal ally in the region, Syria. The removal of the Assad regime—a longtime goal of jihadis —would allow the country to be infiltrated by Al Qaeda, putting the terrorists within reach, at last, of Israel.

Sixth phase, "Total Confrontation"

Lasting until 2020, it is when an Islamic army and the newly formed caliphate would defeat the non-believers in a global conflict.

Putin has already agreed that Assad is to leave office and that they will be free elections. China is not an ally and pissed to hell now that it has had some cof its own people murdered by ISIS. Also the fact China persecutes Muslims, so that prediction was very bonkers. It is France that has brought this resolution forward, not the US and the US had its hands tied to remove Assad because of Russia before, so again his predictions are wrong.
The UN has just unaminously declared war on ISIS and to wipe it out so ISIS days are numbered as they now face the might of the entire world against them including that of China and Russia, which again thus refutes the predictions. How on earth the Islamic worlds is in anyway supposed to unite within 5 years is the ramblings of a lunatic who clearly is forgetting the countless divisions in the Arab world itself.

What you are more likely to see is a continuaton of the proxy war between Saudi and Iran, once ISIS has been defeated

Though thanks for the chuckle Zack, most amusing, but as seen some of his precictions are wrong.
I mean seriously Zack, take the outsider test both on religion and conspiracy theories. Use the same critical thinking you do of other religions and of governements, onto those making the claims to the conspiracies and onto the claims themselves

Good Luck


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