Scamoron To Get Private Aircraft

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Re: Scamoron To Get Private Aircraft

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 20, 2015 3:30 am

talk about hypocrites

Tony Blair was widely derided for his plans for a prime ministerial plane, instantly dubbed Blair Force One, and criticised by the Conservatives and Lib Dems over the cost.

Mr Blair planned two planes, a 17-seater for short trips and a 70-seater for longer flights, at an annual cost of £12.3m after a 2006 independent review by government spending adviser Sir Peter Gershon suggested it would be more cost effective and safer.

Gordon Brown scrapped the proposals when he took office.

do as i say not as i do typical Tory mantra


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The author of this message was banned from the forum - See the message

Re: Scamoron To Get Private Aircraft

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 20, 2015 10:00 am

Stormee wrote:The aircraft they are talking about will be scrapped in 20 years time so it was said last night on Tv and and savings will take 17 years to show.

Running that aircraft will cost the best part of a bit, costs will soar, eventually the cost over the 20 years will  be 4 fold, I bet you.

The aircraft at certain times will have to have fighter jets accompanying it, more cost.

I would not mind paying for a hot air balloon as he is more than capable of gassing it himself.
i agree

howerver the RAF have aircraft that he could use

The VC10 C1K is a dual-role AT and AAR aircraft. In the AT role, the aircraft is used for troop carrying, with accommodation for 124 passengers and nine crew. Use of a large, cabin-freight door on the forward left side of the aircraft allows easy conversion of the aircraft into a dual-role passenger/freight or full-freight configuration. In its full-freight role, the cabin can hold up to 20,400kgs of palletised freight, ground equipment or vehicles, on its permanently strengthened floor. The aircraft can also be used for aero-medical evacuation, for which up to 68 stretchers may be fitted.

The C1Ks were converted to the AAR role in 1993 with the fitting of a Mk32 refuelling pod under the outboard section of each wing. The aircraft can carry up to 69,800kgs of fuel using its original eight fuel tanks; the fuel can be used to feed the aircraft itself or be dispensed to receiver aircraft that are equipped with a probeand- drogue refuelling system. Capable of refuelling two aircraft simultaneously from the two underwing pods, the VC10 C1K can itself be refuelled from a suitably equipped VC10K or TriStar AAR aircraft by the use of an air-to-air refuelling probe, which is permanently attached to the aircraft nose. The aircraft is equipped with a modern flight-management system and the avionics required for full worldwide operations. The crew comprises two pilots, a weapon systems officer, a flight engineer, an air loadmaster and up to three air stewards.

we all ready own them and they are maintained by the RAF cameroon just has delusions of Airforce one

no reason other that small man compensation
totally out of order


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