Jordan attacker buried amid chants of ‘Death to America’

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Jordan attacker buried amid chants of ‘Death to America’

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 13, 2015 9:44 am

Thousands attend funeral of police officer who killed five, including two American instructors, chant ‘Death to Israel’. Thousands of mourners chanted “Death to America, Death to Israel” during the funeral Thursday of a Jordanian police captain who killed five people, including two American instructors, in a shooting rampage at a police training center this week. It remains unclear if the shooter had political or personal motives. Anwar Abu Zaid’s family has argued that he was both a victim and a martyr for killing the Americans. His brother Fadi led about 3,000 marchers in the funeral procession. Fadi accused the government of trying cover up Monday’s events at the training center, and demanded that security camera footage be released. Jordan’s government has said little about the shooting. The incident has raised questions about the kingdom’s image as an island of relative stability in a turbulent region.

What crimes has the US done to Jordan?
You see, you have in many Muslim majority countries systemtic hate being widespread taught and though no other connection than Islam itself. That is the only connection, because Jordan has very much been an ally to the US. Then you have again people through the absurd and dangereous belief of Martydom claim he is a Martyr.

That is justifying yet again murder, which we are led to believe is wrong in Islam. Well it seems, that many clearly believe it is justified to kill innocent people.
People ask why I am highly critical of islam? Well as seen it can and does allow for many to believe to glorify murdering people and then wrongly make out they are Martyr's. Its time people stopped making excuses and started to really challenge why it is so easy for people to believe such barbaric beliefs and forgo any morals or ethnics. There may well be many Muslims not like this and adhere to a different Islam, but its evident many Muslims certainly follow a barbaric form, that justifies murder.


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