If Jeremy Corbyn can't change Labour's mind on Trident, he must stand down

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If Jeremy Corbyn can't change Labour's mind on Trident, he must stand down

Post by feelthelove on Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:51 am

It’s getting ludicrous now. Actually, it’s not ludicrous, it’s deadly serious. Seriously ludicrous, perhaps.
When Jeremy Corbyn was elected, I thought the danger for the Labour Party was that it would move so far to the Left it would look unelectable in the eyes of the British people. Today, reading the coverage of Corbyn’s statement that he would never use nuclear weapons, I realise I was wrong. The danger for Labour is not that it appears too Left-wing. The danger for Labour is that it is seen as an inchoate, shambolic, rabble.
Which is precisely what the Labour Party currently is. Corbyn has been leader for 19 days, and already the entire house of cards has collapsed. Labour has simply ceased to exist as a professional political party. It is not a debating society. It is not a Left-wing pressure group. It is nothing. An ex-party. Jeremy Corbyn and his colleagues are now effectively doing nothing more than pining for the fjords.


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