Whoa, Elsa Might Actually Be The Villain In 'Frozen'

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Whoa, Elsa Might Actually Be The Villain In 'Frozen'

Post by Guest on Tue Sep 15, 2015 7:33 pm

Remember how the people of Arendelle freaked out when they found out Elsa had ice powers in "Frozen"? And you're all like, "Chill, people. She's cool." Well, what if they actually had a point? The latest video from YouTubers BloodBlitz Comedy imagines what it'd be like if Elsa actually was the monster everyone thought she was. And the girl is scary.
There's definitely a lot more bloodshed in the vid than we remember in the movie, but the YouTubers also made a video turning Harry Potter into a villain, so at least Elsa has some  bad company.




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