Asylum seekers benefits cut by the Nasty Party.

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Asylum seekers benefits cut by the Nasty Party.

Post by Irn Bru on Tue Sep 15, 2015 12:37 am

David Cameron stands at the despatch box and announces that Britain does more than most countries in assisting those who flee from persecution and discrimination and appears in the news in Lebanon and Jordan showing concern for those suffering whilst at the same time back in London his government are slipping through new regulations reducing the benefits that are given to help asylum seekers survive until they recieve a decision on their applications. They claim they are getting too much.

These are the new reduced rates that are effective from August – right in the middle of the refugee crisis engulfing much of Europe. Ian Duncan Smith spends more taxpayers money on a breakfast than the allowance that a single person gets each week.

This is the nasty party, cruel, callous and heartless.  They’ll never change.

The conservative feels safe and content only if he is assured that some higher wisdom watches and supervises change, only if he knows that some authority is charged with keeping the change "orderly.

Friedrich Hayek

In other words a bunch of cap-doffers and forelock tuggers.
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