Hipster Barbie is #authentic, just look at her Instagram

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Hipster Barbie is #authentic, just look at her Instagram

Post by *THE Ben Reilly* on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:30 am

Her fashionably disheveled wardrobe is often handmade—a hipster backpack made from an iron-on patch and leather, a beanie cut from the finger of a glove. The quintessentially Pacific Northwest Pendleton blanket is a scrap of felt with painted lines. It’s all so authentic, as are the locations. Most of them, anyway. On those days when the photographer is too tired to head to, say, Multnomah Falls, she’ll use a little digital trickery in Photoshop.

As fun as the photos are, it’s the details that make scrolling through SB’s feed a delight. There she is, contemplating life while gazing over a lake, hair tousled and knit beanie ever so slightly askew. There she is, showing off her double scoop of vanilla and honey lavender ice cream at Salt and Straw. Captions like Always gram your coffee or it didn’t happen and Great things never came from comfort zones are pitch-perfect platitudes.


So funny:

“You can pay for school but you can't buy class.”

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