Australia's booming crocodile population

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Australia's booming crocodile population

Post by Irn Bru on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:25 am

for high fashion. China is the biggest market. It used to be highly fashionable here in the UK as well so we have nothing to be proud of but I think we more or less stopped all that now. Not just Australia though.

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In other words a bunch of cap-doffers and forelock tuggers.
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Re: Australia's booming crocodile population

Post by Lone Wolf on Wed Sep 09, 2015 11:29 am


FORTUNATELY, crocodiles live around a 1,000 km+ North of here !!!

SNAKES, sharks, spiders, though..

NOW that's another matter again.


"When all the trees have been cut down,   when all the animals have been hunted,
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