Texas man with TB being forced into treatment

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Texas man with TB being forced into treatment Empty Texas man with TB being forced into treatment

Post by Ben Reilly on Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:15 pm

We've had discussions like this before -- I believe the government has every right to remove this man from society until he can be safe around others. Look forward to seeing what everyone else thinks.

FORT WORTH — A 25-year-old jailed Fort Worth man not only faces criminal charges for drug possession and auto theft, but when he is released, he also faces mandatory hospitalization for contagious tuberculosis that he refuses to treat, Tarrant County officials say.

For the past few months, Jimmy Tristian Trondle has been avoiding public health workers, even though he knows he has contagious TB — putting the public, and especially those close to him, at risk.

Tarrant County officials are now saying Trondle's carelessness has left them with no choice other than to involuntarily commit him to a hospital for treatment, an unusual procedure.

Trondle's first positive TB skin test, administered at the Tarrant County Public Health Department, was a year ago, but Trondle never allowed officials to do a complete examination, according to an application for his commitment and a motion for protective custody filed in state District Judge R.H. Wallace's court on Monday.

His diagnosis wasn't determined to be active TB — the kind that is contagious — until May, court records show.


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Texas man with TB being forced into treatment Empty Re: Texas man with TB being forced into treatment

Post by Guest on Fri Jul 31, 2015 11:23 pm

when TB was rife over here compulsary admission to a sanatorium was in force

and , as with any dangerous infectious disease enforced hospitalisation is an option...even now...

if someone was diagnosed with say ebola they would be going nowhere except an isolation ward....

someone with cholera, dysentry and a host of others would all be placed in isolation....


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